There’s going to be no brexit deal

BoJo keeps talking about fishing rights; is that really the EUs kryptonite?

the politicians are acting as bureaucrats…

and to slogger’s point, why would the pinnacle of human evolution (if such is still alive and whatever that may look like) want such an unforgiving job?

You’re being too literal. It was a figure of speech, dejectedly asking why we’ve failed to evolve to a point where we don’t need people to go argue with other people in order to live in harmony.


After a throw away comment on R4 this evening, I’ve just stocked up on disposable contact lenses, as I’ve only got about a months worth.

I can live without pasta, but I do like being able to see properly.


Sod that. Orzo is life in this house!


Predictably, this has turned into another horror show.

I read an almost celebratory article earlier in the week exclaiming joy on our trade deal with Singapore…

… that is exactly the same as they currently have with the EU.

Is this is what it’s come to?

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At the moment it’s turning into a shitshow in the short-term IMO, hopefully things will improve but as I’ve said before I don’t think that will be for at least 5-10 years TBH.

Looks like we won’t even be allowed into Europe at first so I wouldn’t like to think I had a holiday booked in January.

Hopefully it’s mostly posturing by both sides and there’ll be an 11th hour deal struck to save face for both parties. It will keep the Brexit brigade happy for the short-term until they have to start paying for it and feeling the effects. Cuts or increases in tax will be needed to pay for this and Covid from somewhere.

for sure…but this is assuming that is what evolution does or should do…for which there is no evidence afaik…

this is also what tends to happen when the world is viewed through the rather short sighted western lens…

Fucking Brexit is causing me a right arse ache at work. Days before change freeze and we have to make a bunch of changes and we dont even know for certain what.


Surely brexit will be worth it if we get to sink a few French fishing boats and rattle our sabre before disappearing into obscurity


To be able to get into Europe next year we might have to re-use the inflatables that have just made the trip from France


Right, that’s me sorted for contact lenses for at least the next 6 months. Bring it on.


You might end up having to eat them yet :grimacing:

You’ll be fine as you’ve got a kayak so can just pop over for a bit of shopping


Sorted then :sweat_smile:

I wonder how late they can take this; gut feel
says a while longer yet.

Neither wants to be seen to be the one who pulls the plug, neither wants to ‘cave in’ and if there is middle ground between them both will have to yield a lot more.

Could they take this all the way to the 31st…

Who gets to come up with the new thread title because I reckon we will need one soon

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Is No Deal still technically ‘the deal’ :sweat_smile:

Maybe we need to get Noel involved? Doesn’t he live up your neck of the woods @jorgan?

No deal was no deal, now it’s an ‘Australian type deal’.