Today I have already eaten

Within first hour at work: 2 apples, 2 bananas & cereal bar. Oh and breakfast before riding in obvs.


A Vegan muffin at home and 2 slices of carrot cake at work

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Really? Out of bed and onto the bike within 15min. Packet of porridge and a coffee at the other end. Along with a banana and some biscuits this morning. The cold seems to raise the appetite.

Two slices of Marmite toast and a bowl of Alpen after riding in.

Yes, I think so.

I have kids, so no jumping out of bed and onto the bike most mornings. I share a giant bowl of banana porridge with my 5yo as he likes that. When I don’t have child logistics, I still eat porridge before I ride in. I know loads of people get into work really early, then sit at their desk eating a bowl of whatever - I have always been against that tbh; probably my Forces mentality.

Nothing. Fasting until 12pm despite a pre work 2km swim.

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A packet of turkey slices after riding in to work.

You’ll be well hydrated at least :sweat_smile:

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A couple of poached eggs on toast and half a grapefruit before work.
A cheese sandwich and a homemade snackpot (nuts, blueberries and dark chocolate peices) an hour after getting into work.
Will have an apple and banana in about an hour then try and hold out until lunch :neutral_face:

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Oatso protein cinnamon.

Exactly why I get up and out. If I can get out without waking anyone, better all round.

We have a kitchen area where I sit and have porridge and a drink whilst browsing emails and the news. Sitting away from my desk helps to ease me in to the day.

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I’m literally doing that right now. A nice big bowl of granola after 1.5hrs talking about the climate and environment emergency. I need it!

2 x slices of peanut & cocoa butter on toast before work, latte before my meeting.

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M&S Smokehouse Chicken sandwich,

Protein shake and some 85% dark chocolate, diet of champions :joy:

Going to have some cereal in a minute although someone has brought me a scone in!

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just had a M&S Strawberry tart that Mrs FB bought yesterday to cheer me up after my op. didn’t feel like it last night but just scoffed it with a double esperesso. fucking lush!


Don’t get me wrong, I eat at work! But you can tell when people are on Flexi, as they pitch-up to the office first thing…then spend 30 mins having breakfast.

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That’s me! Clock in before a good poo as well


i browse my emails at the same time! (and TT and BBC :wink:)

2 bananas, a wholemeal sourdough sandwich (cheese and cucumber), 2 coffees, loads of water, an apple.

I did do a 8km treadmill run earlier, so there’s more coming in the tum direction.

Far too much. Enough said. But I have mostly been loosing weight so all is not bad.