Top 10 Cyclists in history

Saw this link on Google. Before I opened it, I thought I’d see how many I could get, giving myself no more than 10 mins. Of course, it’s all opinion based. I got 5 in the top 10, and 9 in the top 20.

I got 6, would’ve been 7 if I’d been able to separate the French guy who won but everyone hated from the French guy who was always 2nd.

#5 :rofl:

Also 6, missed some very obvious ones if had taken more than minute or two to think.

I’d say #5 has more reason to be on the list than #4 at least! :face_with_monocle:

2 and 4 not for me, 2 only because he’s not finished yet. 4 no chance. 5…well…
I’d have put Bartali in there but only for his back story. and no 16 is a lot higher for me

I would def place Cav higher on that list…

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Agree there, especially with #4. What has he won outside a couple of Tours? #6 & 8 also a ‘one trick ponies’ imho. #13 should be in the top 10 given the breadth of his palmares.

The only one I picked that wasn’t in top 20 was Wiggo; mainly because of his diverse Palmares. A big one-day race was the only thing he didn’t tick off.

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6 I can kind of see, won everything grand tour wise, lots of stage races and an olympic medal, but yes 8. I thought Wiggo would be higher, but he’s not a favourite is he what with Jiffygate and hes persona.

TBH a few I wouldn’t have in there but lots of cans of worms to open. Anqetuil has to be higher than he is. Andy Schleck, please! Surprised he got that far up wthiout looking around to see if Frank was near by. Gimondi, Bahamontes and Fignon deserve to be higher IMO.

Valverde on there too? Way too soon for him, once he matures a bit maybe.

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Opens link, sees Lance Armstrong on it, closes it.

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You may as well remove half the names on it then…

It was the Chirs Froome that got me

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Nino Schurter seems to be missing.

great shame they haven’t included some of the best female riders in the list to give it some broader context.

Marianne Vos could give Merckx a run for dominance in cycling (and across a broader range of surfaces); and then we have the likes of Beryl Burton, Jeannie Longo etc


its wimminz init. they dont count in cycling judging by the UCI :wink:

Froome :rofl:
Armstrong :rofl:

Is Beryl B on the list ?

Never heard of her but just seen Beryl show advertised for theatre soon.

I showed my girlfriend the display cabinet in Manchester Velodrome and she asked if these were the medals for the British Women’s team for the 25 year period. Err, no. Just one rider!

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She lived in our town so there’s a mural and little memorial garden. Her results were amazing.

  • Fausto Coppi. 8 of 12.
  • Jacque Anquetil. 7 of 12. …
  • Miguel Indurain. 6 of 12. …
  • Alfredo Binda. 5 of 12. …
  • Lance Armstrong. 4 of 12. …
  • Gino Bartali. 3 of 12. …
  • Sean Kelly. 2 of 12. …
  • Alberto Contador. 1 of 12. .