Tour de France on Zwift

Felt this was worthy of yet another new Zwift thread simply because it’s quite exciting (and hopefully leaves us with another world in Zwift afterwards)

TLDR: A new world in Zwift caled ‘France’ with Ventoux climb as well as Champs Elysees, to be used by the pros over 3 weekends of racing in July. Exciting


Interesting. You would hope that the putting that dev effort into creating that they will then make it available to the plebs. Just ASO haven’t claimed some exclusivity agreement

So long as I can reduce my weight after a bout of diarrhoea, get pissed the night before, then perk myself up with some Speed, I’m all for it!



Ah so it’s Ventoux - saw some chat on facebooks Zwift page with Eric Min climbing a ~1500 meter mountain but no route listed on his ride. :+1:t2:

That would be good, even better if they copy and paste AdZ in there as well, that would make a monster route.

Weird that it says they’re only building half of Ventoux?

One side?

No, it says the race will stop half way up at Chalet Reynard

Maybe the proper roll-out (if it happens) will have the top too. Perhaps it makes for better spectating not to do the whole lot?

Or maybe because Zwift recently made a some of their running department redundant, they didn’t have enough manpower to sort out the top half in case Froome decided to go for a jog again?


Must be expecting bad weather to force them to bring the finish further down the mountain :rofl:

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I was reading this thread a bit confused, thinking “I’m sure I’ve seen people “riding” up Ventoux this week on Strava”.

It turns out they were using RGT -

Some top trumps in there - Stelvio Pass, Ventoux, The Patterberg, Canary Wharf … wait what?!

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Think that was me :smile:
I love RGT and do quite a few rides up to the lighthouse in Mallorca.

They just updated magic roads too so you can upload a course and ride it on your own. Previously you needed 5 people

Any course up to 3 hours, anywhere in the world. I’m gonna stick Lluc to Sa Calobra in soon and do that.

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Looking forward to riding some new tarmac once TdF out of the way. So will this be a regular thing every yellow - virtual yellow jersey with pro teams sending in fringe players (young future TdF stars who want some fame)?