Tour Divide/ Lael Wilcox

Came across this earlier today (I think because I’d been watching the Ted King gravel stuff). I’ve never heard of this race, never heard of Lael Wilcox. (I’ve heard of Mike Hall).

This is lovely film, she absolutely exudes passion for bike packing and is very easy to listen to. Such a shame about the FB shitfight that marred this attempt. I’m going to seek out more of her films.

Enjoyed this, thanks! I really love the concept of endurance sports. After my first Ironman, I went and did lands end to John o’groats and didn’t want to stop so did Orkney and Shetland too. I’ve never felt as free, it was fantastic. I’ve never got into off-road biking (or indeed trail running) but these are things I hope to do when I “retire” from racing!

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