Training music

Looking for tracks that I can add to my indoor training playlist. What helps you keep the legs spinning? At the moment it’s mostly krautrock/kosmische sounds like Beak>, NEU! and AK/DK.

Good topic.

I always find 10 extra Watts when I get to the last 60 seconds of New Noise by Refused.

Part of my bike test playlist

(The kids were playing Sam Smith not me!)

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I very rarely listen to music training but if I do, mostly TOOL or Rammstein.

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Love slowthai’s album :+1:t3:
Pleased that Dave won the Mercury, though. Psychodrama is a brilliant album.

Anyhow…this is my most played tracks of the past year or so:

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Was gonna say you are a man of taste until I saw Drake on your playlist :hear_no_evil:

A$AP - ‘Wild for the night’ is on my playlist further down. Always gets the juices flowing.

‘One Train’ for my warmup. A superb track with many collaborators on it.

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:pray: Tool…


Metal pretty much exclusively for training ( gym or turbo. Never listen to music running or riding on the road )
A mix of Tool, Lamb of God, Slipknot, Killswitch Engage etc!!

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Ok my faves are
Jealousy by Will Young
Biology …Girls Aloud
Dirtee Love …Dizzy and Florence
Our lips are sealed…The Gogo’s
Feel …Jeremy Olander
Language …Porter Robinson

To name a few …think I am gonna get slated for these

Usually some mix that Spotify has put together that most likely contains:

TOOL, Soundgarden, Perfect Circle, Puscifier, Helmet, Rammstein, Iron Maiden, Alice in Chains, Cult.

Tool, RATM, Killswitch Engage, Metallica.
Either that or a playlist of songs I need to learn on the bass.,

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