Training - What Training?!

No swimming, again, for me today.
One hour available at lunch, somebody wants a call over lunch :frowning:

You’ll be fine next season, you always are :blush:

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I passed my exam yesterday - which made the one hour easy spin worth it.

It’s still frosty outside, so don’t wanna ride :see_no_evil:
I’m also tired from doing jobs all morning and the call is over, but now I’m tired.

Think today is a rest day/easy dog jog


Yeah, not the weather for heroics outside at the moment.

Nice steady 11 miler yesterday after a few days off.

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Beautiful day for a run here in Dorsetshire


So now I’ve got a lumpy, sore throat, runny nose, back ache and my head feels awful.
It might be a cold.
Either way, that’s another day if no training.
Loving that CTL taking a dive

Mine was up to 101 yesterday, after a Zwift race and another whole Watt on my FTP. But it’s just a number; it’s hard not to focus on one number or another though, and in the ‘old’ days it was volume by hours or mileage. So there has always been something to obsess over :roll_eyes:

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Going round our office as well, I’m sure I’m on the verge of getting one :rage: night nurse before bed!

Luckily I’m not doing much atm but do a have a trail half this weekend.


That’s because you work in a Uni init. All those germs!

I found the worst time was when my children were at nursery and I swam in a public pool; bacteria galore.

I’ve been smashing multi vits for weeks and weirdly I fi ally dropped my 7 week long cold. The girls are still coughing like mad, but my wife has finally cleared hers (with the help of a course of antibiotics!).

I’ve been very nervous this week, but touch wood I’m healthy at the mo. Just over 24 hrs to negotiate!


I think that my last 10 weeks (average 12 hours per week) have finally caught up with me.

That, coupled with a long weekend in Paris, the flights, getting home late, then doing some household tasks (painting, re-silicone the bathroom and kitchen, cleaning the cupboards - all the daft stuff you put off) has left me wiped out.

I got my Strava email about my 2019 so far this morning, which perked me right up.

Also, looking at my Excel spreadsheet, this is also a perfect taper into my marathon training program (15/12/10/5 - then back up to 8, before picking up proper marathon training at 11hrs per week)

So, the body is pretty good at telling you when to rest - you just need to listen to it :smiley:

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I don’t think it’s the 12h/week training wearing you down; hell I can do that week in/out and I’m well old init :wink: I bet it’s all the other stuff going on with your work/life that is just wearing you down: lack of routine, train travel, sleep, nature of your job? etc

ETA - the time of year: darkness just makes it feel worse too.

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Does it count if it’s not on TP :wink:
(Cheers, by the way - I’d not thought of that)

My CTL is through the floor. Just getting over my 2nd cold in 5 weeks. This one was horrible with fever and aching joints to go along with the coughing, snot, etc. So frustrating!

Back to it.
2 x swims
2 x runs
4 x indoor rows and weights

Enjoying the off season, especially getting back into rowing. Hopefully time off my feet will injury-proof my calves!

30 x 100m off 1:45
500 pull and paddles with the evil Finis drag shorts


8km treadmill @5.15

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A new guy at the tri club joined me on my ride to work yesterday. Needless to say, neither of us wanted to appear to be holding up the other so went rather harder than planned… then did exactly the same on the return journey (carrying rucksack with running kit and laptop).

On the return, I rode directly to the track for an interval session, and ran 6mins at 4:00/km followed by 5 x 400 at sub 1m20s each, then another 6mins at 4:00/km - was probably the hardest Brick I have done


I enabled the Garmin run power estimation yesterday, and went for my first run with it… odd numbers, a lot higher than my bike, but hey whatever… and then I discover that TrainingPeaks, by default uses run power to estimate TSS… I’ve changed it to rTSS now, but for a brief few, wonderful minutes, that 1hr20 run at just sub 8min/mile pace, was a TSS of 284… :joy:

I reckon my CTL will be north of 200 by Feb at that rate…