Tri Top Trumps: your card

Following on from a recent thread, imagine you are a card in a game of top trumps. What would your scores out of 10 be for S/B/R/anything else? Any superpowers?

swim 5/10
bike 5/10
run 6/10?
fear of marine wildlife: 8/10

superpower: no, other than being dull enough to have had no other hobby for the last 31 years.


S: 4/10
B: 7/10
R: 8/10 (except IM Run which is 6/10)
T’s: 3/10
Turning up on race day fit, healthy, rested and niggle free: 0/10
Persistence in a even a stopped clock is right twice a day sort of way: 10/10


Ive heard your swim tines you’re selling yourself short with a 5/10. Your 400m PB is better than mine and I have the body dimensions of Phelps.


Sandbagging 10/10 :roll_eyes:


Swim: 8/10
Bike: 6/10
Run: 3/10

Training for 17 hours a week for an Ironman and ending up in hospital the week before and missing it: 10/10


Adjusting scale based upon the opening figures from Fruity:
Swim: 3/10
Bike: 2**/10
Run: 1*/10

‘* Might be a little harsh on the run, but at the end of a tri I’ve never done a decent one! Therefore probably over biked so ** reduce bike to 1/10


Swim 3/10
Bike 6/10
Run 5/10
Packing list(s) 9/10

Can’t have too many lists :thinking:



Swim 7/10.
Bike 2/10.
Run 7/10.
Calves 1/10.
Ability to exercise over 90 minutes 0/10.


Swim 3/10
Bike 5/10
Run 3/10
Ability to not quit 8/10

Superpower. Stupidity.


Swim 2/10 I can but just don’t
Bike 8/10
Run 8/10

Kit coordination 10/10


Swim 9/10
Bike 6/10
Run 3/10

Internet Forums 9/10
Nutrition 6/10
Sleep 3/10


Love the thread

Swim: 6
Bike: 8
Run: 5

Lightning quick T2s
And ability to always bring the rain: 10



Number 1, you forgot hair: 10/10.


Not sure who we are benchmarking against here? Chris, Daz, Matt? Or just age groupers of our current age? I’m pretty sure fruity is better than that but as he hasn’t done many longer events, and the Cotswolds last year wasn’t his actual form…

Anyway, for a laugh!

Swim 4/10 - up to 5 if I CBA to train :roll_eyes: and the water isn’t too cold
Bike 6/10
Run 7/10
T1 1/10
T2 7/10

Probably take those numbers down a notch for IM, they’d be 70.3

My superpower would be my ability to look like I’m having some kind of stroke on racing photos :flushed:


i was kind of thinking “talent”, whatever that may be

eg. someone with a really high score for running would be able to go as bash out a pretty fast 5km or 10km without really training much. if they trained properly , they could do something really special.

eg #2 , have given myself average marks, I had some ok-ish run times in the last couple of years for a M45-49 but it hasn’t come easy or fast, it’s been ground out by running about 5 days per week for a few years. But someone with more talent / aptitude (as I see it) might have gone the same speed with much less training, or faster with the same training :man_shrugging:. Or I guess way faster with more and better training, or if pursued by bears .


At the risk of derailing another thread, where you see talent, I see lack of a mispent youth. Most notably swimming, yes there is genetics that give you a body shape or certain flexibility that @Hammerer says are important, but the biggest differentiator for most AG triathletes is did you swim as a child or AOS.

Similarly running, I am living off my conditionning from 30 years ago, not in a fitness sense, but range of movement and to some degree just an expectation of how fast I should be able to run.

Cycling I came to late, I have limited expectation and am still developing, particularly wrt fuelling long rides and handling/decents etc.


Yeah I agree. I didnt swim when young, only took it up mid thirties. As I joked above I do have a swimmers physique (not at the min, because belly), my arm span is 3 inches longer than my height, which is already bigger than most people.

I was probably one of the fastest non-early swimmers in the the club, but the people with a history of swimming were way faster


Back OT.

Swim: currently 6, and falling post pandemic
Bike: indoors 8, outdoors 6
Run: 7.5

Transitions: always seem to be 8 compared to others, what do people do in there?

Superpower: 1st half of the run.


I’ve we’re doing it as an across-forum comparison then I’m 2s across the board :smile:

Unless superpower can include funky arm-only dance moves when running with my earphones in, which would be a 10. The singing is probably a 6.

And also whimpering when I get tired and start struggling then swearing loudly to myself to get over it. That’s an 8.