Triathlon X / Brutal

The X is a great event. I’v done it 3 times.

It’s tough but achievable. Approach it like an ultra rather than an IM - just keep moving forward, prepare for a long hike up the mountain.

Don’t worry about the bike- most of the route is very rideable. Half the field will end up walking on Hardnott!


I did the the Brutal Half last year and loved it. I would have gone back this year to do the full but holding the event on August Bank Holiday weekend put me off - the mountain section will be nose to tail with walkers so you’ll be queuing to get to the summit.

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It’s not on BH weekend.
It’s on August 31st.
Bank holiday is the week prior…

…it is, however, on the same weekend as UMUK.
Which shares some roads and paths with The Brutal.

I have decided. I am going for the Brutal. I’m not scared of the X, but the Brutal being 3 months later works better for me. I need 6 months of losing weight and getting back in the groove, then 6 months of hard training. There are some other things I want to do early in the year as well and they would otherwise be too close to the X. X for 2021 I think.


You will (or at least hope so) the Brutal and Claire Smith and her crew. It’s the Ultra family and everyone is welcome and the best part, you don’t race as a number but have a first name and everyone knows you.