Triverest report

Here is the first draft of my race report. Please let me know what you think

Its my longest race report ever


Love the report and the pictures of the scenery are stunning.

You have layed 2 pictures over text though, including your closing paragraph. The suspense is killing me!!

MATT!!! What are you doing to me?!?!

This is now firmly on my radar. Would be a couple of years away i guess (waiting for littlest sprog to get a bit older), but i WANT TO DO THIS RACE!! Especially as you don’t have to bother with the ballot nonsense like Norseman etc.

First one with a picture over it is…

I really couldn’t believe how fast we were climbing Pilatus, we passed another team and
could see 3 more teams some way ahead….. however, we were running out of mountain.
Despite our best efforts, we finished just 5 minutes behind the teams ahead, another km or
climbing and we would have caught them.
9km, with 1600m climbing completed in 2h29m

Closing Paragraph is:

Despite the tough bits, I have never enjoyed a race more than this one. I had no idea what to
expect, but what I certainly did not expect was to finish so strongly or to feel so good at the

(turns out you can highlight the text behind the image!)

That is a spectacular race, and I too find myself wanting to do it. But also knowing that even at my best I climb nowhere near well enough to make it through. Chapeau, that’s quite the undertaking!

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I’m still on a high almost a week after finishing this, no other race has made me feel like this. It may seem like a strange thing to say, but if I hadn’t experienced a low point, I would not have experienced such a high when things started to come back to me, does this happen to others?

I don’t know about other Ultra-triathlons, but what I really loved about Triverest was the simple no bullshit approach, all the people doing it were highly experienced and the organisation was relaxed and friendly. They couldn’t have chosen a better route.

I would recommend this 100% to someone who wants to do something amazing.


Team up with a friend and do it as a pair, makes it much more manageable, and logistically removes a big obstacle. It would still be spectacular and quite an achievement

Yep, i get the same from the ultras i do. And i like low key, no frills.

There’s now a very serious discussion going on in one of my group chats about this race for 2022. Hope you don’t mind me using your report as bait @Matthew_Spooner but it seems to have reeled 2/3 fish in already!

Please feel free to share

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Fantastic reading! Amazing the difference the shoes made!

Absolutely brilliant.

Love race reports, and the more epic the better.

So Garmin had an even worse weekend than we realised?!

I can’t believe anywhere can give you 48 minutes of descent…that will create problems in its own right with your legs seizing up.

Bernese Oberland , though…never been, but absolutely legendary in my mind thanks to “white spider”…so jealous, but couldn’t even do one of those climbs.

Now get back on Zwift and show them who’s boss!

Been waiting for this.

Got myself a cup of tea and a biscuit

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Epic report and epic race by the sound of it. Congrats.

Hope you liked it

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Sign Giuliano up for the tritalk TTT. 68 years old with an FTP of 270W. Nails!

Great report, thanks for sharing it


Loved it.

What a race :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:

Great report @Matthew_Spooner!

You had absolutely everything covered (physical, logistical and mental) - a lesson to anyone in planning and calm thinking when things go wrong.

Garmin fallen off? Find it, and fix it when the opportunity arises
Knee hurting? Try the spare bike shoes (of course you had spare bike shoes!)
Brakes fubar’d? Use the spare bike with discs


I think that adaptability is something that come with age. However, there was certainly an element of luck as well. The old saying that no plan survives first contact with the enemy is completely true

I took spare shoes because of the forecast for rain early on in the day, and thougt that it would be good to to have a complete change of clothes and shoes if it dried up.

I took a spare bike for 2 reasons, first was in case of puncture or mechanical, I would just swap bike and let Christoph fix the other one. Also I knew the at the massive descent from Furkur would be better with disc brakes. On the other hand, I did mean to swap the cork pads on my Cervelo with Swiss Stop pads, but never got round to it, then the whole issue with Garmin meant I didn’t have time on Thursday.