UFOs - a thread for bats stuff we perhaps don't yet have answers for

It popped up in my feed yesterday…I enjoy listening to Eric Weinstein (and his brother and a few others on the IDW)

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waits for Sloggers to chip in… :rofl:






The graph is true and its what the guy says in the video. There is no credible evidence of them. We have pictures and videos that are shaky, blurry, and downright fake. Nothing clear at all. Even the recent military ones arent very good.

The stories being made up to cover other things is mostly likely. The Air Force love the fact everyone thinks there are aliens at Area 51 and not the latest secret plane they are testing.


my thoughts exactly…

The thing is, we’ve moved from carrying cameras everywhere, to carrying smart phones, which have an image sensor and then produce “pictures” based on the sensor and some programming.

I posted the fake reflections in an iphone the other day, samsung does similar.

So what we’ve actually shown is that powerful agencies are blocking us taking photos of Aliens, Ghosts, Bigfeet etc.

We need to go back to using real cameras!


is that why all images of me are of a bald old man???


I wish it were true, but as I noted before, unless a craft lands in front of me, an alien walks out and shakes my hand, I am doubtful. I do however find it fascinating, having interacted with many people over the years who have made claims, some in good jobs. In fact you could be sitting next to one right now at work.

So why have I chose to post this……you might need a strong drink, for I seek Ejc’s opinion, if he is prepared to provide it.

Ejc, following on from your recent comments re policemen and generals, which I take on board.

Just now I am reading “In Plain Sight” by investigative reporter Ross Coulthart, which primarily takes an Australian perspective.

Questions ejc….

  1. The book thanks whistleblowers. Am I wrong in thinking that anyone who whistleblows from the military are likely to be in a bit of bother?

  2. Bearing 1 in mind, how realistic would you consider the view that whistleblowers whose military record seems legit (I am talking military pilots, radar operators etc), could be doing it intentionally under orders to help cover up eg US secret technology, stealth aircraft and the like? (On the basis that aliens are a distraction that can be managed by ridicule while testing new aircraft continues).

  3. I have just finished a chapter of a case in 2004 where a U.S. carrier fleet, and aircraft from a second fleet (it was a pre deployment exercise) were humbled by several craft doing astonishing things (all detailed). Evidenced by multiple military pilots, commanders, radar operators etc. while my thoughts go to 2 above, it does make me wonder. The U.S. declassified some of this and published the beginning of one pilots video in 2009? The details are consistent with what pilots from several other nations have gone public on, from South America to the Middle East. (Per Leslie Keens book “UFOs Generals, pilots and government officials go on the record, which I found an interesting read some years ago. In plain sight is newly published).

So ejc, what is your considered (and not flippant) view, of such otherwise credible people from several nations are consistently saying the same thing?

In case anyone wonders why I ask ejc, as through his mischievousness, he does make good points, and has recently on this. Though I welcome views of anyone.

I still want to read only, but ejc started this thread, answered sensibly on it recently on another, and I am currently reading a book that seems credible.

In the US leaking classified information is a federal crime with 10 years jail time attached. You would have to be pretty dedicated to the cause to expose yourself to that to cover something else up.

If the reports arent made up and those people really saw what they say the saw, and I a sceptical, then I think its far more likely to be secret military tech than little green men.

The U2, A-12, SR-71 were all top secret when being developed and all lead to increased UFO “sightings”, again from “credible” people like airlines pilots. But what would they think, there they are at max cruise of 40,000ft and a triangular shaped craft passes 20,000ft higher at 3 times the speed of sound.

The problem with it being aliens is that tricky little thing called interstellar travel which by our current understanding of physics is all but impossible. Or they are already here and live deep under water


That actually is a common view, with many reports, over decades, noting this (USOs).

One of the reports in the book was (allegedly) to do with a SR-71 pilot who was buzzed by something he could not explain in terms of aero physics.

So many words, anyone offer a synopsis? Do I need to add alien apocalypse to my zombie worries?


Think zombie attack is more likely than alien invasion.


Since cavemen painted craft on walls, through global tribal legends of space brothers, religions with fiery craft descending from heaven, to, what really took off during and post ww2, literally thousands of people have claimed sightings or interactions with craft and or aliens.

Over the past decade, many former military pilots, generals, radar operators etc have claimed similar, sometimes with up to 100 witnesses, all interviewed.

My question really is, can you trust the word of Military pilots and radar operators, when they all consistently say the same thing, over decades, globally?

I was really after a yes/no.


Yes, probably, but what did they see? Something they couldn’t explain. But also we shouldnt put military pilots and radar operators on a pedestal and say they are completely trustworthy and unimpeachable. Loads of them make up utter bullshit. There is some ex Navy SEAL, forget his name, doing the rounds on podcasts making endless outrageous claims about the “tech” he had access to. Reckons he can track your phone even with the battery taken out. Eh, how? If it has no power its a collection of metal, glass and plastic


I am aware that is one of my weaknesses, I tend to assume people tell the truth. Caused me problems at times when I took non (to me) obvious banter as serious.

Yes you are wrong. They might be or they might not be. it depends on a multitude of variables…

possibly, but as with most conspiracy theories, the weak leak in any conspiracy are the conspirators…

not sure what you mean…received a generous donation, paid for lunch?

such as?

twenty years early?

2.38 billion people claim to be christian…which means that it is important to them that a person was firstly crucified and secondly then rose from the dead…very few people were there, even less reported it, but mostly a lot of money has been made writing about it since.

My non flippant answer SS, is that you are reading the book and I would hope that all these points are covered.

My idea of a good book is one that wrestles with all sides of the argument and makes the best effort it can to challenge any particular point of view and so i would hope at the very least the author has challenged the early disclosure or why there are no independent witnesses.


As noted above, one in Australia had around 100 independent witnesses, all interviewed. Plenty have multiple witnesses.

But regardless, thank you for your response ejc. It is appreciated.

Added: Re ‘humbled’ that was the word the author used to illustrate how the UFOs rang rings around the carrier fleet whose dogfighting abilities were useless against them. The UFOs played with the US fleet, even knowing in advance stuff that the pilots knew about (a meeting point) that was never transmitted on the radio, and waited for them, to everyone’s astonishment.