Unemployment- what wouldn't you do?

My redundancy, as far as I know, was not directly related to CV, just a cost cutting exercise. However, the ramifications of CV fallout will affect what I do from here. But I can’t join the other thread because it’s too fucking neurotic and Daily Fail doom and gloom ( or it was last time I looked).

That being said, here’s the situation. Been a corporate contract/vendor/procurement manager for the last 23yrs. Used to global deals/multi national projects, lots of travel blah blah. Always a pretty good salary, note mega by any means but above the middle for sure.

That’s all great, and I’m hoping when all this shakes out, I will get another similar role. However, I have never been in a ‘just need a job, any job’ situation. So I’m thinking of applying to the local supermarkets. I’m not sure if they are hiring. (I’m hear they are). I’m not above trolley collecting, customer service, shelf stacking (back permitting).

I’m looking at this two ways. Mentally it keeps me ‘in the game’, not the same game of course. It earns some kind of wage. (very minimal). It demonstrates flexibility.

Mrs FP is dead set against it, says I deserve a break from the previous stress, we will get by and just look for the right job and wait, plus she worries about exposure. Financially, it won’t break us to wait. Part of me thinks that maybe I should leave the jobs for those that really need them. Part of me wants to be busy.

Maybe the supermarkets won’t want me. I’ve been unemployed before, only claimed JSA once and always lived off savings when looking for work and never complained.


Personally I’d be JSA while looking for any work I thought I could do, then do that as some financial and mental income while looking for the career job if you think it might be a while.
Exception being If I really believed there was something more productive (however that’s defined, not strictly for work, maybe beneficial is better word) I could do with my time, and didn’t need the money.

In similar vein I’m discussing it with my partner that I’m not above working in a shop/bar/farm etc if that’s what we need for us to have our Aus experience.

I’m not in your position but I’ve been expecting to be made redundant for quite a few years now and CV-19 has probably delayed that if anything as all restructures are on hold at the moment.
I’m fortunate to have fairly limited outgoings and my intention if/when it happens is to get some kind of lower level job which (along with my pay-off) will pay the bills, hopefully until I’m in a position to take my private pension, albeit that will be heavily reduced. (I’m 49 now)
I don’t think you should consider if someone is more deserving of a job than you. Jobs aren’t charity you’re working for what you get. If you want to get one for your sanity go for it, it might be a revelation.
When you look at the minimum/living wage now and take into consideration how much less tax you’ll be paying it isn’t always that much less either.

Ps. I used to collect the trolley at Sainsbury’s when I was a student. Most people hated it but I really liked it and look back fondly now. In my own little world, outside, no stress, didn’t go home worrying about tomorrow’s trolleys.


That’s it for me really. These jobs have been out there for a couple of weeks now. Some people will have jumped to get them. Some people, no matter the situation, won’t help themselves. Not trying to be controversial there, but it’s true. If i wasn’t getting paid right now, i’d be looking for part time work for sure. i actually feel like i want to be doing something to help, to feel like i’m contributing in some way. Maybe that’s my personality, but i hate feeling useless like i do now. But i guess, in my own way, i’m doing my bit by enabling my wife to go to work at the moment where she really is making a direct difference.

Do what feels right by you. Obviously only you and your family can really make that decision.


As Chris says, would certainly start claiming JSA if you havent already. You’ve paid into the system, so get something out for sure if you are entitled.

And if you feel like you want to go down the supermarket route, just for some environmental respite and mental stimulation, I’d say go for it. If I got put on furlough (decisions coming in the next few days … I’ve already had to give a run down on my team to feed into the decision) I’d probably have done the volunteering thing just to give me something to do. They’ve shut that now though havent they

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Thanks all, very helpful and nice to be able to share thoughts here :). I guess the balance is that without working, I can crack on and get loads of work done around the house that needs doing. (Easter is slated for lounge room ceiling painting).

JSA application needs to go on Wed, as that’s my first day of being out of work according to my P45 and the system can’t handle future dates. I’m reading horror stories of three days of waiting for the system to verify docs etc and then throwing people out. I’m already in the system because I claimed JSA in 2017, so hopefully it may be better for me? I’ll find out on Wed I guess!

I calculate, without touching some money we have in Oz for Little On’e Uni fees, we could survive about two years here with no income, that’s dropping the mortgage to minimum payments. We will be ok but part of it is the mental thing as well.

Whatever I do, I need to be in a position that if something comes up corporately, I’m ready to leap into it. There will be a lot of talent on the ground right now. One thing we won’t compromise on is working in London. That’s our show stopper.

Sounds like you are in a good place then. I’d just do whatever works best for you and the family in terms of staying safe, but also keeping your mental health.

The financial position you mention is certainly a weight off. I’m similar. Which is reassuring if I do get furloughed. The government minimum would only just about cover mortgage and bills, let alone food, although I could drop the mortgage payments as you suggest as I’ve historically overpaid

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I am not one of the fortunate ones that can afford to be unpaid for any length of time, so even though the day job is still continuing and fingers crossed it will continue to do so, I have also taken a temp job at a local supermarket just as a backup plan. Luckily my exposure will be fairly low as I start quite late so minimal time spent with the general public before the store closes.

I would happily take any job to ensure cash was coming in…


I wouldn’t be a fluffer. That’s about it.

If you can afford it and there is reasonable optimism you can still find your normal work, then I would volunteer locally or for the nhs in the meantime. That shows your “willingness/flexibility” to your next employer, and gets you off your arse and feeling useful.

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Actually that reminds me - when I got into triathlon six (?) years ago and saw all these people walking around with “Finisher” on their t-shirts it did make me chuckle.

Still does if I’m honest.


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My income has been decimated and although i can survive a while the mortgage, rent, business overheads etc… will soon take their toll…

i have applied to be a porter at the local hospital…i thought about the local supermarket, but if I am going to catch it (if i haven’t already) and bring it home, i’d rather i felt I was doing something i felt was more constructive…

in the meantime, there’s lots of research and writing to be done…


I’m scared to ask, what’s a ‘fluffer’?

The opposite to a finisher.

Urban dictionary is probably your friend. I’d say NSFW but…

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I thought they were all put out of work by Viagra anyway


I see the NHS volunteer thing has been paused for now.

ooh, just looked up fluffer. I think I’ll take a ‘hard’ pass on that one. :joy:


Not surprised, we currently have lots of trained current NHS staff not doing much. I’m lucky that we’re still in the preparation phase, but I suspect even London/Birmingham have some clinical staff/volunterrs, but are struggling with logistics of getting them where they’re needed, and when.

I saw an advert locally wanting ambulance drivers, the ones that ferry people to appointments etc rather than emergency ones, is there anything similar? Assuming you have a license.

I think that falls under the NHS volunteering desc mate but I will check it out thanks.