Urgent brake help


Trying to replace the rear brake on my Blue Triad

I’m using the same brake that was supplied.
TRP 922

There are two posts coming out of the frame and then a small hole

But the brake won’t go into said hole due to hitting the one on the other side

Online instructions are chocolate teapot levels.

Is it a cantilever brake system, is the wee hole for a spring?


See bottom pic

Apologies. Can’t find anything useful online. Only a ST thread saying fit A tri rig :roll_eyes:

No idea on the specific, but don’t you just pull the spring with some pliers/hook so you can then push it in the hole, tensioning the spring?

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I think that’s what might be going on this video

Yep. Saw that

Your gear cable is routed over the retaining tab when it should be under it. Nit picking obviously!


Thinking I could get some art crits here too! Lol what does it need?.. :thinking: