Utility Provider

Please feel free to remove this if it breaches forum etiquette (if we even have any that is!!).

I don’t know if anyone is in the market for a new energy supplier at the moment - i know there was chat about it on a thread a while back. Can’t remember which one though, but we were discussing monthly bills etc. I also confirmed that my, seemingly low, average monthly bill was indeed about £60 for both fuels.

Anyway, i wanted to do my bit and go with a much cleaner company this time around. Whilst i’m not 100% sure i could ever trust an energy provider (!), I have done a bit of research and these guys seem to be a pretty good shout. You can do your dilligence and make up your own mind on how they achieve their low carbon goals and statements. I’m not looking for a lengthy debate, but they seem to be much better than a lot of the normal greenwash.

Anyway, I’ve just signed up to them but have access to a friends and family discount below that anyone is welcome to use. If you end up signing up with them, then it’s a £50 credit to both you and me.




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