Vale Eddie van Halen

That was really sad to read. EvH was a master at tapping for sure but also a very accomplished keyboard player. Music was a family affair with brother Alex on drums and Jan, their Dad, being a great jazz player.

Most people cite Eruption but for me, one of his most technical solos is Hot for Teacher, my old band used to cover that it was effin’ hard for our LG to play (he’s a pro musician for the BBC now). There was so much going on in that song.

I was never a huge VH fan, especially post DLR, always more into Vai. But EvH was the figurehead of that whole era and started of the revolution of millions of players that were brilliant at tapping but still couldn’t string three chords together!:sunglasses:


When heard the news, I started with Jump and let Spotify pick the rest of the tracks. I remember hearing an older boy at school playing eruption in school and being gobsmacked.


Sad news.

I know what will be on in the background all day while I’m working.

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Seems like a good time to learn my first VH track.

I dont know much about him but seems like a life well lived.:+1:

start here:

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I heard on the radio last night that his sons were in Van Halen.

TBH I don’t do rock music, I just don’t get it. But despite that it is clear he was a very good musician.


Big fan in the 80s. I preferred the Sammy Hagar version of VH to be honest.
Very few can claim to have changed music, but he did.
He will be remembered as one of the greatest ever. :metal:

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It’s incredible isn’t it. Back then it was like nothing we had heard before.

The timing of the guitar in the intro is so tricky