Vaporfly - object lesson in marketing?

HAHA - awesome. They need to call them the 52% and I’m in - whatever they cost. It’s gonna be cheaper than everything else I keep paying out on prevention, rehab and recovery!

We saw this type of hype in TT and Tri circles regarding wheels with ENVE and Zipp FC did we not?

I guess £200 is a lot of cash to shell out on a pair of shoes that probably won’t give you much wear, but it’s much more affordable for most people than dropping £2000 on a pair of wheels

The guys that spend £2k on those wheels, aren’t generally lining up any championship pen :wink:

Maybe the “Can my Gut touch the top tube of my Dogma?” champs, but that’s about it.

The benefit of wearing them for 5km parkruns, is that you can run again the next day, without hobbling around for an hour. Plus, placebo, innit.

So you can be #fullboss #endoflevelboss

Wrt to the advice (from Nike) to wear a different shoe for 5k’s. I don’t get this, I cant get anywhere near my 5k/PR times when not in the VF’s and I generally run them every week with equal ridiculous levels of fatigue in my legs. I would say they are 20 - 30 seconds quicker. Now I dont have specialist 5k shoes, but I am using a reasonably quick shoe, not a high mileage plodder.