Vendee Globe

Anyone here interested?

5 days in and Alex Thomson is in the lead
Sam Davies just behind the leading pack.

Shaping up to be an exciting race :grin:

If Skipper can’t even go for a pootle around norfolk in lockdown, this lot are really taking the piss!

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The ultimate in self isolation isn’t it?


Yup. Ever since Ellen Mcarthur I love following this race. Downloaded the app which thankfully gets better every time. 20 years ago when you got the 200 word daily update and that was it. Great use of new tech these days.

Poor French guy that’s already turned for home. Wonder if he’ll set off again.

I saw that, apparently he’s good if he can get it repaired and set off again before the 18th.

Best watch out for the naughty, teenaged orca if they’re sailing off the Portuguese coast!

(see BBC article today)

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I was reading that today. Quite mad :flushed:

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I think the damage is too extensive to repair without assistance.
It’s actually quite a low attrition rate so far, normally quite a few boats fall to bits in the first couple of days.

I remember the early apps and live tracker - bandwidth hungry on dial up :roll_eyes:

I thought he could “start again” as long as it was before the start line closed, so he doesn’t need to do it without assistance? But I could be utterly mistaken!

Not following, but maybe I should.

I’m rooting for anyone associated with Plymouth :+1:

ETA - seems very French heavy! The speeds they are travelling; 15kts is impressive!

No assistance of any kind is allowed.
I think he can return to the start to make repairs but he can’t leave the boat - others certainly have in previous years.

IIRC Desjoyeux gave the fleet a 2 day head start one year and still won

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Being led by a Brit. They don’t like it up em :uk::montserrat:

I actually did a lot of sailing in my early Forces years and some RYA tickets; then came the serious Mountaineering, then a return to Tri. Then kids :sweat_smile: I did a lot thinking back.

Anyway, I am seriously lusting after this Sirius DS; this guy does a great sell! A princely £200k would probably get me a s/h one. Better do the Lottery.

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I did a lot of sailing too… owned a few nice boats along the way… can only agree with Jorgan on the Sirius… have always liked deck saloons…

here are my old boats from a good few years back

My Oceanis 400


My Explorer 45 (money pit)

Also had a belting 32’ rated 3/4 tonner offshore racing machine, which went like a f*****g train, but can’t find a pic at the moment… she was called Magna Carter, hence my forum name.

This is why I now live in a smaller house than all my friends… :grin:

(which i’ll add, I don’t regret one little bit… they’ve all got big houses… i’ve got memories like banging along on a broad reach at 10kts off the coast of Brittany at 2 o’clock in the morning under an extraordinary starlit night, with my 12yr old son at the helm who couldn’t get the grin off his face… worth its weight in gold)


Sirius do a wheel or electronic fly-by-wire piloting from the saloon; so a pilothouse yacht too :ok_hand:

You can control the Raymarine AP from a Garmin watch too… :grin:

Does that mean you can play a little trick on a friend who thinks they have the helm?

I guess so… :thinking:

i usually track it, but am behind with admin…

I see Jérémie Beyou has left Les Sables again.