VLM 2021

Anyone else get their link the see if you got a spot?

Website currently not working for me


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Taken me years to get a spot!


See you there…


You won’t see me…



Some fucker has lowered the record

still can’t get in to see!

I realised each time I hit the link in the email it brought up a new page.

I scrolled back to the original time I hit it and the page had loaded. I’m on my phone though

What do you need to get?

It was over 4 1/4 hours, but now it’s just under at 3:55

It’s a little bit dodgy though as he clearly did it as part of the virtual race in October which normally wouldn’t be allowed.
You also then only need two witnesses

“The event must be overseen by two independent witnesses, one of whom must be the race director. In the case that the person attempting the record is the race director, a further independent witness.”

The shoes are the worse part of this, but what’s to say he didn’t change out of them?

I’m sure it’s all legit, but it’s more open to a bit of cheating

Seems legit as there’s pics of him with Fivefingers

This is well within your remit

You just need to disguise a set of Next% as some plimsolls


Gonna do it proper like

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I know, just jesting

a real ninja would do it barefoot over hot coals.

Just sayin.

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Its a no for me… which I’m kind of disappointed about, but also delighted about at the same time! :joy:


I just got my 6th rejection on the bounce, miss the old system of 5 rejections and you got a place…


Aaaaand another no for me

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i’ve got a 1 in 12 success rate so far via the ballot


But I can pay £28 to run 26.2 miles around my local area if I want :rofl:


2011 ballot and never before or after, 1 in about 15 iirc. I got club place in 2013 (after missing out in ballot) but deferred to 2014 so thats only ballot I haven’t entered since about 2006.