Vuelta a España as it happens***

As the fantasy thread is not for spoilers, I thought I’d add this.

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Crap, keep forgetting it’s on

Matey boy from Bora’s thumb/finger didn’t look too good.

Was umming and ahhing between Philippsen and Demare. Yeah guess which bloody one I went with! :joy:


Going out on a limb here, but I’ve never been convinced by Demare.

Watch him hoover up the rest of the sprints now🤣

Nor have I. But then i has that stupid thing in the back of my head that thought with his dedicated train, some of the Alpecin Fenix boys missing etc etc that he’d have the opportunity to shine. But did he even finish in the pack yesterday?! There were FDJ jerseys there, but i didn’t hear his name at all.

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I don’t even know who my sprinter is, do they even Vuelta?

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They didn’t mention it on the commentary last night, but is that a Phillipsen GT stage win clean sweep this year then?

edit - no it was Merlier that won in the Giro and the Tour, but he doesn’t seem to have started the Vuelta. Looking at the results though, JP had 6 podiums at the TDF this year, but no wins!!!

Same here picked Demare 🙆

Demare cleaned up at last year’s Giro; but spluttered ever since.

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I always forget about the Vuelta, every year. Which high mountains is it in the Astorias this year. That’s the best part for me. The rest is a baron beige landscape :wink:

The weather just seemed to make everything more interesting last year in the 3 late season Grand Tours. Wasn’t the Vuelta into November?

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I picked Bling Mathews, no idea why😬


This stage is a snooze fest so far.

Hopefully the predicted fireworks will happen. Carlton just said the final 1.5k is 18% :hushed:

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A few contenders losing time there.

I’m an absolute pro cycling nut, but even I’m finding this a total snoozefest.

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I love the classics and the Giro and Tour, but I always struggle to get excited about the Vuelta. Apart from the Spanish riders and teams, who take it very seriously, it always feels like the big names going there are racing it as a consolation event to make up for disappointments that they’ve had elsewhere.

A lot of the contenders for the worlds typically used it to build form and abandoned in the last week.


Blistering start!

The analogy I used to my football loving friend is like watching the League Cup.

Sure, it’s fun if you win but most Teams simply don’t care.

At best, it’s the ugly sister of the three grand tours. At worst, the damp squib of the cycling season.


I tell my wife it’s better than Love Island…probably :man_shrugging:


Erm, no it ain’t!
Last night was INSANE!

The memes today :rofl::rofl::rofl: