Anyone watching it/interested etc?

Any thoughts on who will win it? A few of the prime contenders have been quit quiet over the summer like Roglic and Carapaz.

Are velogames doing a vuelta? I tried to look the other day, but didn’t get far…

I can’t look past Roglic. He has to be right up there.
Movistar will do a Movistar and start attacking one another.

I can’t name anyone from INEOS.

But…it speaks volumes when the defending champion isn’t racing.

Also, Yorkshire Worlds in some stunning bits of my home county (inside of the 86 laps of Harrogate, but at least Betty’s is on the course) and Tour of Britain passing my village are much higher up my interest agenda.

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Someone from Jumbo or Astana. 2 pretty strong squads.

Carapaz is out injured. Valverde is a stage hunter nowadays and Quintana, well Quintana is Quintana.

When I looked a couple of weeks ago one site had G down as starting. Not sure if that was a mistake or he changed his mind. I will give it a watch but not that invested in it really.

Roglic or Chavez for the win.

Certainly all kicked off yesterday.

Wonder if Nairo’s up for it, or can Lopez do it.

Still not convinced by Roglic.

Nico Roche loves this race.

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