Wall art

I’m thinking of using Wallbeard to cover the wall in my new pain cave -

You can have any image you want. What would you have on yours?

It would have to be something like this: :wink:


Serious answer: tropical beach scene

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Hawaiian lava scene would be tempting, but I’ve seen woodland prints in gyms that I find very calming so would probably go that route.

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i’d not want something calming, but something exciting like a picture of the TdF peleton from a riders perspective… something like this maybe?
(although a pic on a drier day might be better!)

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Enjoying reading the thread on this post :laughing:

One of the more shareable ones from MONA - Hobart’s art museum. A… thought provoking* collection, maybe one for @toby_Hole_in_the_leg :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

*including how comfortable I’d be taking a child under 12, regardless of them getting free entry.

The caption with it:

"Dog bites man. Not news.

Man bites dog. News.

Dog fucks man. News.

Man fucks dog. Not news. Discuss."

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Apart from a planning calendar and some maps and stuff in LO’s room, these are the only things on the wall in the house. They are the the home office/ third bedroom.

Mrs FP likes a clean wall look. Our house is very ‘greige’ :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Quite a lot on our walls, all my wife’s or bought for her by me. My only contribution is one in the downstairs bathroom, frequented mainly by me.

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One thing is apparent, you can’t rely on paint colour by what you see in pics. That photo makes our walls look like magnolia, when the whole house is polished pebble grey. It looks completely different there!

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Yeah the 2 pics of mine are the same colour wall “pale gold” I think is the name

Love your tri pic & Chrissie pin up

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The Chrissie one was arranged for me in Oz by some mates. I was recovering in a hospital bed at home after my big accident. It was lovely of them.


We’ve got a few bits scattered around our place.

This was my wife’s birthday present last year from a local artist, bought in a gallery just down the road.

Really like the texture to it which you can’t see from this shot


Are we just waiting for Poet to find his way here and show us all up with his manicured wall art displays?! :rofl:

I keep meaning to put more pics up around the house … but i’ve been saying that for almost 8 years now!!!

I bought a print which i really liked of the various French wine regions … but that got vetoed by the boss and iis sat rolled up in a cupboard somewhere instead!


Came across this site a few months ago: https://app.wombo.art/

Uses AI to generate artwork. Enter a keyword, choose a style and off you go

Some of the results would make for great wall paintings

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The biggest ‘art’ in our house, at 1.4m tall, is this:

I was waiting to meet someone and just killing time when I walked into the shop.

I couldn’t believe how much I liked it when I first saw it and so I went back to buy it later on.

I think it might have been £180 almost 30 years ago, which was a lot (for me) at the time.

Unbeknown to me, but the original work by Matisse is entitled ‘Nuit de Noël’. :santa:

Which means, we technically have a Christmas Eve painting up all year round. :roll_eyes:

I only have one piece of ‘real’ art, this painting I commissioned from Jo Burt back in 1997.
(Excuse the odd angle, as I was trying to limit the amount of reflections from the glass.)

It combines his MBUK Mint Sauce characters with personal touches from him and for us.
(The photo does not do justice to the details in the painting itself.)

E.g. He ‘carved’ mine and my wife’s initials in a heart on one of the trees. :sunglasses:

At some point, I might commission a painting of my kit car before I sell it.

Cheers, Paul. :slight_smile: