Watcha Listening To?

One of my guilty pleasures at night is to ‘educate’ Mrs FP and Little One on the music I used to/still like but had forgotten about. I forget a lot of stuff now 'cos I’m old. the first gig Mrs FP and I went to together was to see TOOL in Sydney. (I’m pretty sure she was the only Asian there :laughing:)

Anyway, this is not meant to be a list of your favourite songs but ones from the past that you think ’ man that was really good’.

I’ll kick it off with two. First one is from Ramstien and has the widest video I can remember seeing. And the 2nd is a song from MCR, they are far from my favourite band but it’s hard not raise a smile and has a feel good factor of 10.

When I’m spinning the choons at da club, I love to mix in Play by the Marmozets into that MCR track

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Yeah they would go well together!

Not a MCR fan, but NA NA NA NA is a great tune!

Found this again the other day, cant get it out of my head


I loved that as a teenager growing up!

I had two really surprising hits with Mrs FP. First one was this:


I’ve been decorating to that this week :see_no_evil:

As well as;

Taking back Sunday
Funeral for a Friend
Panic! at the disco
Fall Out Boy
Paramore (mainly Paramore, due to Hayley Williams’ new album)


Yeah listened to that last week. I liked it.

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For me, it’s anything from Californication by the RHCP. Seems to have a deep emotional connection to my late teens, as it never fails to make me happy.


I’ve attempted to educate Mrs TRO and she has attempted to educate me. I still dislike her music and she dislikes mine.

About the only place we align is my guilty pleasure of Pet Shop Boys, but even then complete disagreement on which are the better songs and albums by them.

Forgotten classic:
Ride, Vapour Trail.

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Used to love that Alien Ant Farm track

That Ramstein track reminds me of my teens with @Leigh195

I’ll throw one into the hat

Heard it recently and pissed my wife off no end after listening to it 4 times on repeat

Also throw this in - reminds me of my A-levels and time at college

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American by them is my long lost fave

This is the other song thatMrs FP likes.

Anyone watching series 3 of The A Word on BBC1? Lots of good old tunes on there.

and @gingerbongo - C’mon, don’t let these old farts take us out with their New Romantic song choices :wink:

We all know that skating, MTBing and listening to EMO, Power Punk and anything with a US-tinge was where it was at in the mid-90s to early 00’s…

…Limp Bizkit and Papa Roach, anyone :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I did enjoy Alexisonfire, but also had heavy indie leanings (Strokes’ “Is This It” is still on my Spotify…again, mainly due to them releasing a new album the other week)


Gotta love a bell in a metal track :smiley:

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You still hear a bunch of their songs on the radio, Boulevard of broken dreams on Magic FM ffs, but this is one had almost disappeared into the sands of time for me:


OK my friend @Poet, you’ve got the old memory keys tinkling now.

Mine was a little less heavy, so more Jimmy Eat World, early Foo’s, The White Stripes, Blink 182, Good Charlotte, Sum 41, Bowling for Soup, American hifi etc.

Good call on early Strokes - probably then moving fwd a few years into Franz Ferdinand, Kasabian, MGMT, Fratellis etc.

Then when I was in uni I started on the surf scene stuff. So early Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Xavier Rudd, John Butler Trio, Donavan Frankenreiter, Matt Costa, Fat Freddy’s Drop - that kind of thing. Might have come into your sphere @FatPom in your Aussie surf days.

This is a great trip down memory lane!