Watcha Listening To?

I’d never heard of Violet Orlandi before seeing this but she’s cover my favourite APC song. :+1:t2:

“Exit Planet Dust” by the chemical brothers.

Not heard it in years. When i was about 14 I stole my brother’s copy and listened to it almost on repeat.

I still really like it.


This came up on my Spotify, never heard it before, must have missed it first time round. Love the clever mix of two songs & was surprised find it’s from 1991( the video which ages it though)


that’s excellent! also never heard it before

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Have heard it before, and it is excellent. Clever band PSB, one of my guilty pleasures.

I’ll give their new one a go later, hope it’s a retro PSB (thumping disco beats, wry lyrics delivered almost detached from the song, use of orchestration and electronics).


Only briefly heard the latest one and it’s not bad.

I do remember the one above when it was released, fairly sure I’ve got it on CD in the loft.

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PSB at Radio 2’s festival at Preston aren’t they?

Yeah, and Kim Wilde :grin:

Edit: it’s in Lancashire though so probably need your passport and some inoculations :joy:


Anywhere north of the M4 is a mystery to me :smile:

Are you going?

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I’m not although the GF considered it but I’d guess it’s sold out anyway?

Sounded like it was a rush online to get tickets. Unfortunately, the Note has a radio that can only pick up BBC radio with any reliability, which upsets me greatly.
So on my commutes I sometimes listen to that breathless, brainless wonder that is Zoe Ball. :hear_no_evil:

I usually choose silence though. :grin:

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I find all radio stations annoying.

Have used an FM transmitter for ages. Plugs into the cigarette lighter and Bluetooths phone to the speakers.
Use it for phone charging too

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I quite like LK and this seems to be one of his most hated songs but I love it. It makes me happy :grin: