Watcha Listening To?

Technique as well, played this a lot in the car. Some excellent tunes, all the way came on my Spotify yesterday, had forgotten how good it was.


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50 years since this classic:

30 years since this equally good classic:



This is great from PJ


I’m listening to the Drake Vs Kendrick rap battle :rofl:
Not their greatest works, but relatively amusing, in an extremely childish name calling way :face_with_peeking_eye:

If I were ever to be captured by the KGB, I suspect that they would torture me by making me listen to something like that :rofl:


Quite enjoying Loyle Carner at the moment: chilled UK hiphop that favors wordplay vs ‘gangster’ nonsense

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Desoleil with Sampha is great.
As is the Jorja Smith one, Loose Ends.

Not Waving, But Drowning

Great album :white_check_mark:

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The best sheep video ever

Beanfields….reminds me of this classic

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New Beth Gibbons song

Album is out … I’d much rather have something new from Portishead but guess this will be the closest I’ll get

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New Childish Gambino son Little Foot Big Foot is great.

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Whole new album to go with that :white_check_mark::+1:t3:

Yep - going to be listening to the whole thing today at work.

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Not me but most female gen X are heading towards the football ground in Middlesbrough tonight to watch Take That :joy: