Watcha Readin'?

Started a new job late last year, which involved being on up to six trains a day.
(Yea, I know. :roll_eyes:)

Anyway, I got back into reading books, so I though we could supplement the Watchin’ thread.

So, here are three that I’ve enjoyed reading recently to start the ball rolling…

My World - Peter Sagan

How to be a footballer - Peter Crouch

Total Competition: Lessons in strategy from Formula One - Ross Brawn

I’m reading American Sniper at the minute. Its ok. Think he was a little bit economical with the truth, Jesse Ventura sued him for saying he punched him

Haven’t started it yet but I was given ‘Born to Run’ for Xmas. I will read it over Easter.

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Currently churning my way through some Richard Sharpe

Decided to read them in chronological order but being quite formulaic and 21 books seems a tall order. They’re pretty straight forward though

Currently on Sharpes Fury so 11/21

Not loving it actually

Got giving this for Christmas - next on my list I think. Got great reviews

Try Big Boys Rules by Mark Urban; I found it really good.

ETA - I read it over 20 years ago, but iirc Urban is Ex Para, then joined SAS® after leaving the regulars. So he has cred before his time as a journalist.

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I have them all too. I can’t remember why I stopped. I think it was because I started commuting by bike many years ago, so lost my commute reading time, and then never picked them up again. I loved the TV series, so I actually enjoyed them. The problem is I can’t remember where I got up to.

A lot of Bernard Cornwell’s other books are also very good. The archer based books set around the time of Agincourt is one I still remember being good.

Yep, Thomas of Hookton series. I really like the King Arthur series he wrote. Conn Iggulden is another favourite of mine - especially the Genghis (and descendants) Khan series.

I’ll check my Kindle list and dig out some other recent favourites.

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A totally different style are the Ben Elton books. I think I’ve read them all bar Two Brothers. They’re all excellent, and such a great (satirical) commentary on various parts of the world/life

My bookshelf is a very eclectic mix. There’s another shelf above not in shot too, and most shelves are now two deep so you’re missing the books behind. Some of them are new ones my gf and I got for recent birthday’s at the start of the month, but largely, I have read everything on there. I mainly keep my bookshelf as a history of what I’ve read and enjoyed. I’ve never owned a kindle.

Looking through the shelf, the Armstrong books are pretty interesting now, read in the context of what we now know.

Oh, and looking behind the front pile, I really enjoyed the Kate Mosse books, starting with Labyrinth

I’m not much for sporting autobiographies but I did enjoy ‘Open’ by Andre Agassi some years ago.

Cycle of lies, best book on the Armstrong story I’ve read

Yeah, the only ‘bio’ sports books I’ve read are Armstrong, Hamilton and Kimmage’s. Unless you count mountaineering, of which I’ve read loads.

I read Kimmage’s book, I liked it.

I read very little in the way of books, I did read Sniper 1 a few years ago, and the book about Oleg Gordievsky who was spying for the UK for years before the KGB discovered him, his escape plan was terrifying as well!

I also read why we sleep, it could easily have been condensed into about 50% probably but I think proved how sleep deprived a lot of countries are now and the health consequences. Some people genuinely do have a less sleep required gene (Thatcher was probably one) but they are pretty rare, most people just use caffeine etc.


I also enjoyed ‘A life in football’ by Ian Wright (Wright Wright).

After starting this thread, I’ve just ordered ‘Open Side’ by Sam Warburton.

One of my all time best reads about taking the best from a life of adversity.
A day in the life of Ivan Denisovich
its a classic if you can either read Russian or can put up with the less than perfect translation.

I had to read that for my English Higher…35yrs ago

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English, thats a strange read considering its translated

Oryx and Crake
The Year of the Flood

I am re-reading the above. On book 2 at the moment.

After that I am back on Wolf Hall, got the trilogy on Audible and despite having read book 1 and 2 I plan to listen to all three again.