Watcha Readin'

‘bruiser’ :+1:t2::rofl:

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The Rainmaker is by far my favourite. The Runaway Jury in 2nd.

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I’ve got the Rainmaker to read as it goes!

Rudy Baylor is the man :wink:


I’ve actually just read a book; my daughter walked in and said “oh, you’re reading:roll_eyes::sweat_smile:

A book I read 13 years ago when I first got it. ‘Hot Blood’ by Stephen Leather. Good if you like military/spy/thriller type stuff. Although one or two inaccuracies in it.

I’ve just read a potty training book called Crap!

Wish me luck :crossed_fingers:t2:


Just read Children of Time and the second book Children of Ruin by Adrian Tchaikovsky. Weird post-apocalyptic space travel sci-fi. 8.5/10. I’ll be looking into more of Adrian’s books.

Just finished Natural Born Heroes by Christopher McDougall. One of the best books I’ve ever read. Combines history, geography, fitness, characters, natural environments, interesting characters, in-tune-ness with nature, suspense, intrigue, endurance, you name it. Some good lessons to learn and can’t wait to get more of his books!

He’s the born to run guy right?

I’ve read that one if so.

He is. Was Born to Run good?

Yeah it was a good read, I enjoyed it. I guess I benefitted from reading it quite a long time ago, before the general story was well known I.e. You probably already know the background and gist of it. But it’s still a nice, well written book in my opinion.

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It was highly recommended on the old TriTalk & I really tried to like it but after 3 or 4 attempts I decided it just wasn’t for me & took it into the “library” at my work.


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Certainly an interesting read - Watch "ill met by moonlight’ on You Tubby - the film is a bit corny, but the book covers it…

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I was given Born to Run for Xmas and haven’t even started it yet. Maybe this weekend (ahem),

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I’ve finished Open Side, which was good.

Am now working my way through Adrian Newey’s book, which is also a good read so far.


On with The Three Musketeers by Dumas on Audible. I love the unnecessary detail Dumas adds and with the right translation you get a real olde worlde, florid style to it.

Been wanting to read Adrian newey’s book for a good while.
Just finished 21 Lessons. Now onto Homo Deus. Had read Sapiens a while back. Quite surprised Harari didn’t make too much mention of pandemics as a big problem for the future…

Re-reading a lot of Terry Pratchett at the mo, then making a start at the 2*1 metre high towers of books on my wife’s side of the bad…

Just got through the section on Senna’s death, which I remember watching live on TV.

He provides both the background from previous races and a very forensic analysis of what went wrong on the day.

I’ve got the Senna documentary on DVD, so think I’ll re-watch that when I finish the book.

Cheers, Paul. :slight_smile:

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