Watcha watchin'?

I don’t watch any regular tv these days but do catch a couple of episodes of ‘summat or other’ on Netflix or Amazon.

This past couple of mths:

Don’t F**k With Cats - (weird and narcissistic oddballs)

Expanse Series 4 - not a patch on the others, too drawn out.

Secret City - Aussie political corruption. very good.

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Biathlon and XC skiing on Eurosport, never in to watch much else and dodging the news.


I used to watch any type of snow sports all winter on Eurosport and cycling in summer. haven’t had it for over a year. Thought I’s miss it madly but I don’t. Haven’t watched the news or read a paper in over 25yrs.

Pretty much anything Scandanavian or French I can get hold of, the more miserable the better.

Unit 42 and Vikings :+1:

ooh, and ‘Blackspot’ (very good IMO)

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Last Seasons of Supernatural and the Good Place, Witcher, end of iZombie, Living with yourself, Travelers and catching up on South Park.

waiting for Lucifer, the Boys, Blindspot and The Orville to restart

Me and my gf thought we were both freaks for watching that when we got together. Proper tacky American drama, but we both like it!

We also watch Blacklist which is decent. I’m currently binge watching Better Call Saul on the long haul flights to Australia, having watched Breaking Bad a number of years ago (it’s a prequel series to Breaking Bad). I have the Don’t F*ck with Cats downloaded on my tablet, but not sure I’ll get around to it.

The thing me and my gf binge watched recently was Top Boy Summerhouse (and original channel 4 series) and then Top Boy (all now on Netflix). That was good

I watched Get Carter on ITV4 last night :grin:

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I was looking forward to this. Watched the first one and foundit a bit underwhelming. Worth sticking with? hmmm

Have you seen Greyzone? (4OD iirc)

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I’ve been watching the Expanse series on Amazon Prime - or should I say trying to catch up 'cos it’s been running since 2015 but I’ve not had Prime that long. I’ve read the James Corey books the series is based on (I’m an avid SF fan and have been since I was 10!) but the Prime series is not that good. The acting’s pretty wooden, and scenes are disjointed and don’t necessarily tie in with the books so having now completed Series 1 I might not bother any further. might just watch the odd 1 or 2 if there is eff all else to watch.

The proper one with Stallone or the dodgy original?

Never seen the Stallone one; is it any good?

That’s a new one to me, never really look at 4OD, will take a look, Ta

I think it’s probably about as good as you expect.

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Mandalorian but it’s a bit tame for the turbo.

Need to get a hold of Game of Thrones 8 since I haven’t seen it yet. They’re usually good turbo stuff - standard spin on talk, sprint on sex and violence, and all-out sprint when someone dies. So far most episodes have been seriously hard workouts!


Watch John Wick 3 on the turbo. You’ll either have an FTP of 600 or be dead. :joy:


Better Call Saul
The Mandalorian
Peaky Blinders
Silent Witness
Sex Education (series 2 out on Netflix soon)
Line of Duty (we’re many years behind and playing a slow catch up)

I have a long train commute to fill…

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I loved it! but yes, not turbo watching

Messiah (Netflix)
Servant (Apple TV)
The Good Place (Netflix)

Good to watch again:
Ozark (Netflix - new season soon)
Billions (Sky)
StartUp (Amazon Prime)
Silicon Valley (Sky)
Chernobyl (Sky)
Young Offenders (iPlayer)
The Detectorists (iPlayer)

That’s about if for 2019 off the top of my head