Watcha watchin'?

I thought Ozark was really good.


The Messiah.

Good. :+1:

Those without curiosity or faith won’t find much in it though.

I liked it, the show is the greatest science fiction around in yonks, but I’d agree this one had less drama and depth. Felt like it was setting something up for S5 perhaps?

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Ah didn’t realise JW3 was out. I have only seen bits of Equilibrium, but it would appear John also likes a bit of ‘Gun Kata’ yes?

As always, I have to remind myself it’s just a Hollywood film and enjoy it for what it is :sweat_smile:

Yeah it makes 'Shoot ‘em Up’ look like War and Peace. :laughing:

And there’s killer dogs


Yes, we started watching Ozark S2 but the wife didn’t seem so interested; I need to just watch it on my own.

That was sky

My wife watched Chernobyl on Netflix iirc. We don’t have Sky. She said it was brilliant. I must watch it.

Maybe they’ve released the rights to others, but it was a sky collaboration with HBO and originally released on Sky Atlantic in the UK.

I watched it on the turbo on sky go, and it was good.

Where you alive then? :wink:

I remember a sombre Assembly at Secondary school when the Deputy Head announced it to us. Add in having to watch ‘Threads’ at school and they were interesting times. 80s were proper awesome though :+1:


Good question. I had to look it up! The answer for the like of me and GB would be yes…we were about 2!

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That’s that level on call of duty right? :wink:


Don’t shoot the wild dog.

Bloody hell, that makes me feel old. I’d left school for five years and was already in Oz when it happened. :man_in_manual_wheelchair:



One of the best!

It’s been a long time since I’ve played any games console. Probably directly proportional to buying a house and having kids! :joy:

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6 episodes.

2-3 are some of the best television I’ve ever seen.

2 are pointless fillers.

Worth watching for sure.

Sadly, it seems almost obligatory for American produced box sets to contain at least one ‘filler’ episode.