Watcha watchin'?

Was going to give that an honorable mention due to the special effects in the last third.

Stupid amount of people on wires.
Space battle all done with zero CGI

Tried to cash in on the SW effect, but realised afterwards that they needed to reset, which is why FYEO is more “grounded” (for a Bond film anyway)

That said Moonraker still has a pigeon doing a double take and IIRC the reappearance of “drunk guy drinking wine who thinks what he’s seeing is due to drunkness” so it loses some points


Also has one of the most well know Mandela effects.

Everyone swears the girl who smiles at Jaws has braces.


Woken up stupidly early by the cat, so I thought I’d watch The Equaliser. What a great film. Never going to look at a Homebase store in the same way again.


They keep that high quality throughout.
Watch 2 & 3.
No chaff.
Just great movies.


I still need to watch 3. Was a bit worried after John Wick 4 was a complete turd that this might go the same way.

Love the first two


We die alone

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Yeah I’ve not see that one yet either.

We watched some Will Smith/Margot Robbie film last night. Sooo boring.

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Was it Focus? About the con artists? I know I have seen it but cant remember the slightest thing about it, other then them going on about a juice cleanse or some bollcoks

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Yeah that’s the one. Shit.


You copying me?

It’s got Margot in it, enough said.

Sopranos, never seen it . Box set was a gift from her ladyship.


Enjoy :+1:

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One of my favourite shows. There are some absolutely great episodes. Some fillers sure. Gandolfini was born to play that role.

Guy who plays Paulie was a real life gangster. Agreed to appear in the show on one condition, his character would never become a rat. Actor who plays Silvio is one of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band

Apparently the actual mob used to watch it and would call the producers with tips. In the first episode Tony is wearing shorts and this was apparently a no no.

Wont ruin it but wait till you get to Season 3, Episode 11, Pine Barrens. Probably the greatest 50 minutes of TV you’ll ever see.

One for Ejc :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am watching Vigil a Netflix series on Trident submarines, not being fit for purpose, corruption, cover up, murder on board, mi5 closing down the police……

Actually it’s really good.

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Miami Steve. Can also be seen in The Christmas Chronicles :grin:

Pine Barrens is outstanding. :+1:

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Michael Fassbender: The Road to Le Mans.

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Culprits :+1:t3::white_check_mark::heart_eyes:

First two episodes are brilliant.

The Curse weird. Odd frontal little Willy urinating shot. Very odd.


Blade Runner 2049

Better than first time I watched it


Just started Culprits as well. Enjoyed the first one. :+1:


Equaliser 2, how have I never watched it before. Still no Edward Woodward but Denzil makes a good “Bob”