Watcha watchin'?

I think it’s from 2018, pre pandemic at any rate. Made the year after Mike Hall was killed by the look of it


Oh I see. A couple of years ago I was watching a lot of these type of films but the Lael Wilcox kept featuring in a lot of them and she’s annoying AF.

I’m watching Fargo (film) on Prime. It’s old now but easy to forget how impactful the intro is. It’s just a car driving in the snow but pretty clever the way it builds.


Brian Harvey on socials innit being proper Walthamstow mental like innit

Andy Warhol was right - they’ll let any idiot have a say these days lol


Anyone watching the NASCAR doc on Netflix?

It has reignited an ambition I had to attend one of these races.


Captain Phillips

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A bit of a WW theme going

1918 - End of the first World War: “All Quiet On The Western Front” (2022)

September 1938 - Signing of the Munich accords: “Munich: The Edge of War” (2021)

1939 - MI6 recruits Alan Turing to crack Nazi codes: “The Imitation Game” (2014)

May 1940 - Winston Churchill’s early days as Prime Minister: “Darkest Hour” (2017)

May 26-June 4, 1940 - Evacuation of Dunkirk: “Dunkirk” (2017)


Oooh, will check that out. There was a pretty good one on Prime a few years ago.

I fancy going to Indy 500 too.

Watched The Creator on Disney+ last night.

Average, if that.

Been ages since I’ve seen a good movie.


Should finish Reacher tonight.

Do I hate myself enough to watch the Marvels? It got panned, but Brie :slight_smile:


Beekeeper :honeybee:

What a load of tosh :joy::joy::joy:


How’s your ‘bullshit’ tolerance? :smile:

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Not seen it yet but could have guessed. Looked to be a fairly typical Statham vehicle.

First Transporter was good, most of the the rest of his films are pants. Also why did they use the Audi A8 W12 and not the S8 in Transporter 2.

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I watched Obliterated recently so I think I’m fairly prepared, and can just about remember the end of S1.

Let’s face it, he’s going to live and the bad guy is going to probably have a fairly gruesome death!


Ha, wasn’t quite as bad as I was expecting but the helicopter bit was hilarious, almost as bad as Die Hard 4 when he was on the jet wing :joy:


We just watched that tonight. I thought it was pretty good if a bit long.

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Just watched this. I know nothing about the history of the sport but what a great insight into the West Indies (and England/Australia/South Africa) teams during that era.

I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of those bowlers that’s for sure!


If you want to follow up I recommend 83 on Netflix. Its about India winning the world cup in 1983 (they were rank outsiders), but a lot of it covers the 4 horseman of cricket, the WI bowling attack of Holding, Garner, Croft and Garner, plus Viv Richards.

Its a Bollywood film so there is lots of music and pro India stuff but the matches are recreated well and there are some good made up side stories. Plus a cameo from the great man Kapil Dev himself.


You used to be able to go to Rockingham in Northamptonshire to get a taste of what it is like, but it has been bought out now and not used for racing any more. I went a couple of times when it was open. Fast, noisy and close to the action, but pretty boring apart from the crashes.

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Just back in from seeing ‘Zone of Interest’ the new Jonathon Glazer film

Probably have to go back to see it again in a more comfortable cinema. The GFT seating is terrible

Director of Under The Skin & Sexy Beast.

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