Watcha watchin'?

Thanks for the recommendation - I’ve added it to my list. 2 hours 40 though! Might need a caffeine gel to get me through.

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At my mums so freeview only tv for a couple of days.

Watched Legally Blonde last night, quite fun


Do what I did at Mums, get a Roku box and whack in the HDM :grin:

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Mum has a phone only contract!

Ah, that makes it a tad tougher :smile:

I tried to watch it earlier today. Couldn’t get past the first 15 mins. It’s desperately trying too hard to be D2S NASCAR version.

I’m 4 episodes into Masters of the Air and really enjoying it


World Swimming Champs

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What channel?

It’s on Eurovision Sport (which I’d never heard of until today). Having to use their app on my iPad and then airplay it to the Apple TV box so I can watch it on the big telly.

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Super bowl on tonight

Kansas City vs San Francisco etc etc


1940, Hitler’s first defeat - The Battle of Narvik: “Narvik” (2022)

I recognise some good actors but no idea why this has such stellar ratings. It’s okay, but nothing special.


BBC2 - Paul Mescal etc etc

Apparently the young oirish fella from saltbturn is possibly joining him and the other cast for Gladiator 2

Jul 17, 1942 – Feb 2, 1943 - Battle of Stalingrad- “Enemy At The Gates”

My god, millions more dead here. Scrolling through the timeline of WWII is overwhelming.


I’ve really ‘enjoyed’ watching this a few times

If you can fit in some fiction
All the Light We Cannot See was a watchable Netflix mini series
How about Jojo Rabbit and Pan’s Labyrinth for a bit of a change ?
Inglourious Basterds for some Tarantino fun
Kelly’s Heroes, one of my all time fav films
I better stop now

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It’s the horrible sense of war I’m looking for even though it’s unpleasant.

Next up is:

The English Patient
Shaving Ryan’s Privates

And I hope to do Oppenheimer somewhere in there.

Current affairs; Ukraine, Israel, the rise of fascism in he US, the British general calling for a dads army…its time to remind ourselves what war between major powers would mean, before it happens.


If you want a good war/anti war film watch Johnny Got His gun.

If you want to watch the hopelessness of battle, watch Soldier Blue.

I seem to remember Anthropoid being very good… but not one to watch jetlagged and hungover.

The winter king ?!

Free on itvx

Just started

Escape from New York

A very young looking Kurt Russell