Watcha watchin'?

Great run from Josh Kerr

Sub 4 mins for the second mile :exploding_head:


I’m liking the dystopian Leave the world behind

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Some absolute abomination. There are some big names here. Slash, one of the dudes from ZZ top, pretty sure Leane Rhymes, some dude with a big hat must be a famous country singer and they are all murdering Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynryd. Just fucking killing it, in a bad way.

There should be laws against this shit.


Watched Dune pt1 at the BFI IMAX on Friday
8pm showing for a re-release and the cinema was fully booked.

Got up yesterday and couldn’t get tickets for opening night as they’d been on sale for 5 hours.

There is still hope for cinema.

This plus Deadpool & Wolverine are the nailed on Billion dollar movies this year


I always thought this was a great film. It’s not really about war, but happens in wartime.

The book won the Booker prize but this was one of those occasions where simplifying the plot really worked to make the film better than the book (rather like Trainspotting).


Can’t find a free streaming service for it sadly

I just watched the trailer for this. I was bemused by the seeming no mention or sight of Wolverine in it?

Last shots of the trailer

Ahhh just re watched. I must have blinked! ha ha. Will we be needing to be directing Jackman to the PEDs thread? :joy:


I think he already knows his way there


LO is watching a film called Wonder, therefore I am watching a film called Wonder :roll_eyes:


Green Book on Netflix, enjoyed it. Fairly predictable, but well done & heartwarming.

Not for the turbo.


Tried to watch a series called Fool Me Once but it looked like a stretched out version of a daytime tv film🥱

Switched to an older film called Welcome to the Punch, which was ok.

Watched Eye for an eye on Netflix. A few years old, some good actors. But it was the most un thrilling of thrillers! :joy:

Haven’t had a good Friday movie in ages.

Wizard of Oz; school show :face_with_peeking_eye:

Last night end of term curtain call


I’m watching Friday Night Dinner (BBC) on Netflix. Missed this somehow but really enjoying bingeing it. Six series and viewership doubled for S6… now that’s a slow burn.

The Running Man. 1987. Film4.

In unrelated news, I have a great idea what to do with;

  1. All the CrossFit/Peleton social media freaks
  2. A pile of lycra bodysuits
  3. A terrible script, set in a fascist society

Love that movie


I would have said that a few hours ago…however it does have some entertaining reviews:

“The film doesn’t look good; it’s as if the flat lighting and boring set of the TV show had infected everything else. And Big Arnie’s quilted outfit makes him look like a duvet.” - Time Out

“Arnold Schwarzenegger’s latest, The Running Man, is a septic tank of a movie. This atrocious futuristic drama forms a dumping ground for bad acting, derivative writing and stomach-churning violence. The movie stinks.” - 13 Nov 1987, p.D1