Watcha watchin'?

Not seen that interview but did see mention of it in the news - need to get to the end of the show first though before I watch it.


Great film.

This. Trying to decide my favourite outfit :rofl:


FBI International right now on Sky Witness, plot may be a bit sketchy but the whole show is carried by the six year old girl :eyes: in the last quarter of the show.

Clearly a future star.

And great genes.


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Up to episode 9, it’s a strong one :+1:

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I finished watching ‘KIN’. It was ‘ok’ at best, nothing really special. I think the second series would have been a much better set up for the first.

Tonight I watched ‘City of Lies’ which again was ‘ok’. Some big names and interesting stuff I had not heard about the case but that’s about it.

Watched The Commitments last night on iPlayer.

Can’t have seen it since the 90s, still a great film.


That’s a good shout, must find a way to see it again.

The Grey Man, Ryan Gosling does Jason Bourne with a decent cast including Ana de Armas.

Violent no brain required!


Watched episode 3 of ‘True Detective - Night Country’ last night.

Weird and creepy - if it wasn’t for my life long love of Jodie Foster I’d probably give up on it.

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It gets better or rather it’s a grower.

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Agreed - it all starts to make sense as it goes along.


I, Robot

Again again ad nauseum. Who knows how often it’s been screened. As a fan of the Naked Sun and particularly Robots of Dawn I was massively offended by this film. Despite that, it still popularises a few important pieces of Asimovs work (and others) from nearly a hundred years ago, the three laws, their problem, the Zeroth law and so on,

In this viewing I notice the dying Bad Guy is repeating the phrase “My logic is undeniable” as the ‘heroes’ kill it.

So, once again in Hollywood, Intelligence itself is the bad guy. We must kill those who are smarter than ourselves. Logic and rationality is Bad, Ignorance and stupidity are Good.


From what I’ve seen of Apple’s attempt at Foundation it’s done better but still not conveying the core messages well.


Watched The Fall Guy at the cinema for the wife’s birthday - very enjoyable romp, some snappy dialogue and keeps the plot simple.

Then ep4 of Night Country, still makes no sense - only 2 episodes left at least!


One for the reading thread but just downloaded this to kindle!

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off to see that tomorrow evening

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With LO?

The lad did a good job of not cringing when there was a bit of on screen snogging :slight_smile:

getting me and @FatPom mixed up there I think

Hey, if you want to take her to the cinema and give us a night off, fill yer boots. :+1:t2:

Open invitation to the forum :rofl:


Oops :face_with_hand_over_mouth: