Wave it here- things you are proud of

Well she doesn’t has a phone and has never asked for one, so that’s a win :smile:

She doesn’t get pocket money because I lob £200 into her account every bloody month and we seem to pay for everything else.

She did buy that toy cat at the Harry Potter Studios though, hmmm :thinking: :smile:

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I’d have “ the race” very very soon, and then obviously no races ever again as she ll be beating you soon.

Is getting chicked by your daughter worse or better?

£50 a week… ! No!!


Well she doesn’t know she has it, so that’s a bonus :smile:

I get chicked all the time, it doesn’t worry my ego at all. Getting beat by someone I’ve ‘coached’ will be very satisfying.

Plus she’ll have a long walk home to revel in her win. :joy:


That sounds like generous pocket money, you’re not by any chance looking to adopt a 48 year old?

We are well stingy because we only gave ours £1 per week until they could work out the following formula:

p = (Age^2)/12

Once they gave us the correct answer to that sum, p became their monthly pocket money, up until the age of 18


Great result on the parkrun btw :+1:

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Yeah it’s not really pocket money. We looked at a kid’s ISA and decided against, so at the moment I lob it into her account that pays pretty good interest.

She has no card and the only way money can be taken out is via a counter (which we don’t have in Winchester anymore).

All the cash she gets for her birthday, Xmas etc she saves in her jar. When she wants something if we go away, we tell her what her options are and I put that much less into the account but it’s only happened a couple of times.

She’s very good with money and we explained her budget and where the money was coming from when we went to HP Studios and she really thought about what she wanted.

We have no shops where we live and when we do go into town, she never says ‘I want this or that’, she’s a great kid in that regard.

Either that or she’s saving it all up for the motherload ’ BUY ME A FUCKING PONY NOW’ tantrum :joy:


Please, sir, what’s “pocket money”?

At the age of six, I was “helping” out on my Dad’s sites on a weekend.

At the age of ten, I was a weekend receptionist at the gym he owned.

Although, soon, I realised I needed to stop sponging off my Dad and make my own way in life.

So, I started a six-day Mon-Sat paper round from the age of 11 (Start of Year 7) by the age of 12 I was doing this seven days per week (Sunday was the same wage as the weekly round and only given to weekly delivery people)

By aged 13, I’d started working in a chip shop on a Sunday, plus Bank Holidays and Half-Term.

I worked there until I was 18, went to Oz and Japan, then used the rest to pay for uni.

Pocket money.

Kids these days, eh? :wink:


Junior #1 just graduated with a degree in Economics. Guess we’ll never know if this was because of, or despite, our woeful and parsimonious parenting :man_shrugging:


Nantwich town games 2022.
Lots of schools, a big crowd, some great racing and a few wins for Calveley Primary.

My boy (yr3) won races at year 3 and year 4, even running in the year 5 relay.
Performance of the day to my girl’s relay team getting 2nd in the year 3 race with 2 of the girls in year 1 & 2!! They same girls even did well in the year 4 & 5 relays.

Great for them to experience such a crowd and atmosphere.



More importantly, did you win the Dad’s race?


By observing the visibile height of mountains above the horizon, my daughter calculated the cicumference of the earth to 92% accuracy with over 85% confidence. She was joint winner of grade 12 theory of knowledge project


No parents races, although they said they may do one at the school sports day :eyes:


We’ve got our first ever sports day on Monday. I’ve been waiting my whole life for a Dad’s race. They’d better bloody have one! :joy:


They look very proud and rightly so. :+1:

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We have one in July. Event list has just been sent through and no parent racing :frowning: I’ve ironed my tri-suit and aero calf guards for the occasion.


One of the blokes at work stepped up for the fathers race at his kid’s school and found himself lined up next to Roger Black :rofl:


Same vein, local-ish school used to have a parents v teachers football match, one year there were three Villa and two Bham City players as parents, big crowd, big score


I was trying to keep this quiet …


The Dad at the school who always wears shorts to show off his IM tat…at sports day he was also wearing a Finisher shirt :joy: Do you think he wants people to know? Still never spoken to him (he’s not a regular at the drops).

I should wear a Navy SEAL shirt.

  • were you in the SEALs?
  • No. But you walked the marathon, so you’re not an Ironman either :wink: :rofl: