Weather: because we're mostly so British

Hope admin don’t mind, new thread for the weather.

@GeordieM , you live up yonder in the NE of Scotland don’t you - hope you are ok with this Winter weather?


Power’s out but we’re warm by the fire and iPhones, Kindles and Nintendo Switch are entertaining us. Luckily I charged my MTB light battery packs so hours of illumination.

It sounds wild outside. My wife’s driven to Aviemore and there’s inches of snow there.


There’s a red warning along most of the east coast down to Whitby


Take care all.

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Saw the red warning earlier. Don’t get them very often. We’re in a yellow warning for snow.

I’ve been building my own weather station but haven’t finished it yet. Shame sounds a good storm for testing the anemometer.

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I know I’m the beautiful south but planning on taking LO to her Granny’s for a day tomorrow. Dumb idea road wise?

Think it will be OK, it looks mostly like it will snow overnight and turn to sleet/rain by morning. Might be the odd tree down in the wind though.

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There are times when living in the far South East has advantages


Yeah - me Mam said Christmas Markets have been cancelled in Whitby.
Heard Boro’ mentioned on’t’weather, too.

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Yup, loads of things cancelled

Think it’s the red weather warning - would invalidate insurance etc.


its the same in the East Midlands. Its so dull here that even the bad weather doesn’t want to visit.


Yep snowing here now in the Southern Uplands and wind very challenging!

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I can’t decide whether it’s a good weekend to be down south or not. On the plus side, we have electricity. On the downside, I’m not sure what storm damage has occurred at home. The snow is apparently in. I’ll have another beer and ponder it some more.

Very windy here in the SW.

My little plastic greenhouse with all my chillies was down on the deck this morning as well as my olive tree.

Upside though is that it’s blown all the leaves in the garden into a pile. Mrs GB thought I’d raked it yesterday - should’ve taken the credit!


Just started snowing in North Warks, not looking like I’ll get a snowman built quite yet though

The tiniest amounts of snow in Wilmslow :+1:t3:
Too windy to run.
Guess what I’m gonna do instead?

Get your brushes out or take up a floorboard or two?

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Shop for a PRADA snow shovel?


Exactly this :roll_eyes: