Where to stay - London

Family sightseeing trip, simple/functional overnight accommodation. We’ll be coming into Paddington most likely, so Western side of London, but easy access to central sights.

Best areas with Underground links and not too busy? Wife has used Premier Inns in past, but I’m happy to go independent, as I know there’s a ton of options.

Grateful for advice and local knowledge from London residents or frequent travellers. Thanks! :blush:

There’s a premier inn in chiswick around the corner from me. We are the border between Zone 1 and 2. Turnham green tube stop is a ten minute walk from the hotel. The river ( best place to run, just sayin) is 1 minute from the hotel :wink: but it may be too far out for you. I’ve used the Z-hotel in piccadilly before, prices can be reasonable depending on dates and how early you book up. Rooms are small though.

Depending on your dates and if we’re away, you’re more than welcome to stay at my house

free use of turbo trainer, haha


Not sure if you have been or not yet but i’d check the tube status that weekend, it can affect so many things.

if I had a weekend in London, have kids and no plans (West London as well) then i’d be looking around Gloucester road area, you have a 5 minute walk to South Kensington with all of the museums, Hyde park is also 5 mins away, can get to Harrods easily, you have the Thames and Putney literally 15 mins away on 74 bus and the tube from Gloucester road area goes direct to central London in about 15 mins(Covent Garden) if you wanted a bit more greenery then Putney has a great few pubs and bars, riverside walk all the way as far as you could want to go.

(I live in Fulham and love this area)

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Thanks! No not been yet, or booked anything. Keep getting various house related expenses!

I fear for your wallet if you’re planning a family break in London. It’s bad enough when you live here, but the prices for lots of things will make you wince if you’re from out of town, especially the touristy stuff. Maybe look at serviced apartments? At least that way you’re not forced to eat out for every meal. This place is just about to open by my office - https://www.lockeliving.com/locke-at-broken-wharf/

Where are you planning on going while you are here? A lot of the sights are quite spread out, although the Tube and buses shouldn’t be too bad at the weekend.

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That place you linked only has rooms for Max 2 guests unfortunately.

that’s why I put in the museums bit, they are all free admission, the natural history museum is a great way to spend 2-3 hours and you have the science museum which has lots of interactable bits for kids, the V&A as well all near each other as well. if it helps

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As a Londoner I’ve only used hotels for illicit liaisons, and even then a long long time ago. Bayswater is near Paddington has a fair few dodgy hotels.

Maybe avoid with family.

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That is an interesting and unexpected reply :sweat_smile:


We’re off to the big smoke next weekend. Staying up near St Pancras. Going to the Nat Hist museum just after lunch, then stroll through Kensington and Hyde, over to the palace.

Will then be looking for some dinner in that area, before heading back to hotel. Can’t remember what we were planning for Sunday morning.

Any good places for kids to eat from you London visiting folk? @Jgav you’ve got a young tribe, any recommendations?

Have scouted (online) these which looked interesting for the kids.



Pizza Pilgrims or Rudy’s in soho are decent food and a good price, too :+1:t3:

Quick service, so more day to enjoy.

BAO in Soho is fricking awesome, but good luck getting a table!

BAO Soho

If you miss out there, Taro is just round the corner and also amazing!
Taro - Soho
020 7734 5826

You can then hit up END. Clothing, OVO and Dover Street Market :+1:t3::white_check_mark:

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Ooh, in the car this morning the wife suggested a trip into town next weekend. Off to Hatton Garden first as apparently she ‘deserves’ a push present with each child we produce :face_with_monocle::melting_face:

Then off to either the NH or science museum after - we may well be there at the same time!


We’ve booked the 1300 slot.

Think we leave here around 7am, into the big smoke by 11ish.

First time for the youngest. Eldest went when she was like 2, as I was doing rhe mara, so she won’t recall it at all. But she’ll get the most out of this trip as she’s that bit older to appreciate the difference between where we live and this crazy massive city!


Train or car?

I forgot you need to book slots - that’s a good shout to stop the Mrs looking at rings :roll_eyes:


Train for us. Mrs GB is on a course Mon and Tues. So we’re all going up for the weekend, and then I’ll take the girls back Sunday eve.


If you get time the British Library is also very good.

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Coal Drops Yard in Kings X is fun to explore and lots of restaurants. There’s a kids trail and some playgrounds. The curling may still be there.


I like Wahaca too

Could try one of the themed bar restaurants like putt shack
Pizza options Franco Manca or Pizza Pilgrims are both good

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