Who has actually done a Triathlon IRL in 2020?

  • Yes
  • No

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So, with Cascais looking very unlikely, I think that’s it for this year?

I haven’t few of my club mates have though

One verging on disaster tri.

Two good duathlons, I guess I am scrap swimmer.

One home made Ironman in a very strange year.

I’m alive though, which was my main priority in March.

I thought I had the club champs in the bag, then Ken holder goes and does a 2:06 Olympic on a tough course… swim was short I think?!?

Oh well there’s always next year…

The guys 50 odd FFS!

Didn’t do one in '17, '18 or '19, but rose like a Phoenix from the ashes thus year.


Yeah I’ve also not done one since 2015. But it’s deffo on the radar next year, if there are any races!

Though I did do a home made one this year. Does that count?


I was referring to IRL organised events tbh. To give an indication of what opportunities there actually were.

Does the swim and part of the bike at Helvellyn count :joy:


Bit unfair for me to vote NO as I never intended to!

Yes. But the full bike.
I did the run three weeks prior.
So I “did it”

I did the full bike and run a couple of weeks later so same here :joy:

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Cozumel is next month and still looks like it’s on

Yes. Sprint Tri with a good swim/bike and dreadful run.

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Yeah but is anyone here likely to go over to Cozumel right now? Mind you, I wouldn’t put it past @Matthew_Spooner :rofl:


Only self supported, so no

None. Was meant to be a triathlon free year for me, with run focus (aiming for a sub 3 marathon). Managed a trail running event in February, then in March when it became clear there would be no marathons I stopped training for that. Haven’t run in 7 months now!


A few club mates have done Blenheim, Cotswold & Outlaw X in the last month so there were some out there.
I didn’t, but I don’t race often at the best of times. Nottingham relays and a local sprint were my only races last year.

I thought you did that triverest thing?

Ha, I think Matt was saying a hard no to a flight to Mexico