Wiggle cyber attack

Anyone else see this yesterday? A bit disturbing if so - maybe time to change password and check account details haven’t been changed.


Thanks for this. Nothing untoward on my account. I have deleted my cards and changed my password just to be sure.

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Ditto. Thanks for flagging this. Better safe than sorry!

likewise. changed password and took mobile phone off - didn’t have any cards registered anyway as I tend to use Paypal at check out.

I don’t think this is the 1st time that Wiggle have had this problem if memory serves me right

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Thanks for the heads up. Password reset. :+1:

Thanks! Hmm, just tried to login, and after 2 attempts it’s locked me out; I defo used the right password one of those occasions. Anyway, now doing a reset :+1:

Yeah thanks for this. All good on my account but changed password and removed card.

password reset, thanks

Thanks for the heads up

Bit surprised that I was able to change my password without getting an e-mail confirmation that my password had been changed.


Yep, same. Changed password, no email.


Could you tell them to investigate by hiring me, please?

Make sure you changed you password by browsing to the site and not clicking a link in an email or web page.

And if you have a wiggle account, check your junk mail for spurious order acknowledgements

Yep, all done by logging into the wiggle website.

Thinking about the lack of e-mail confirmation, I’m not sure I get one when changing e-mails normally; it wasn’t the ‘reset password’ button from logging in. Not sure.

I don’t seem to get many e-mails from Wiggle anyway, they go to my junk e-mail address, so I wouldn’t notice if anyone bought something on my account, which I guess is the downside of a junk address I’d not considered before.

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Yes, but they still send you an email with a link :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, I gave up telling clients around 2005 about that. Some battles, you just cant win :slight_smile:

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On a similar note, Mrs W and I just received texts claiming to be from O2 and stating that there was an issue with taking the payment for the latest bill. Handily, there’s a link to click on to give them your bank details :roll_eyes:

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From their Facebook:

Update regarding account security:


We would like to reassure you about Wiggle account security following recent customer inquiries about suspicious account activity.

We have investigated some isolated incidents where accounts have been accessed and we understand a small number of customer login details have been acquired outside of Wiggle’s systems.

Some have been used to gain access to Wiggle accounts and purchases made.

We have taken steps to identify these compromised accounts and we will be individually contacting these customers.

Impacted customers will be refunded.

We are aware that where customers utilise the same password across multiple websites, fraudsters with access to some details can feasibly use these to try and gain access to genuine customer accounts.

To protect our customers, all accounts will require the re-entry of card details for their next purchase.

We are also recommending that customers change their password if they have any concerns.

Data security is of the utmost importance to us and we would like to assure our customers we’re prioritising all enquiries related to this issue.

More information is available at Wiggle’s Account Security Information Page [https://www.wiggle.co.uk/h/option/accountsecurity], where you can find what steps you need to take if you think you’ve been affected.

Thank you.



Just made sure everything’s ok by, you know, ordering more stuff. :grinning: