Wiley - wtf

Can’t work out if he’s gone loopy or something has triggered him on his weird endless tirade.

You think that’s mad, check out what Ray Park / Darth Maul has been up to

At least his is funny. (At least it seems at worst a drunken mistake, and his wife seems on his side about it)

Wiley however…

Only just gone and had a look. I’m going to guess he’s on a bit of a bender and he’ll turn up at the priory fairly soon.

Could be wrong :thinking:

I have zero idea who Wiley or Ray Park is?


His previous, public fights have always been with a specific person. This seems endless and yes I reckon a trip to the Priory will help.

I think she did wrecking ball? :wink:

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You’re not alone FP…:flushed:

Think he did wearing my Rolex, but I could be wrong, but no love for my dad joke!!

I’m going to go and sulk with GB in misunderstood joke corner…

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If you dont know who Darth Maul is…hang on, are you already banned from this forum? The DIY-over-Training thing wasnt it? No, it was the Die Hard comment.

Out, I say!!

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I’ll get my coat but I’m still None the wiser! :laughing:

Some video he posted? Can’t seem to find it now.

Right then.


Wtf is that?

Dunno about Wiley, but Ray Park was the Dad of the bloke who sang the Ghostbusters theme song I think.


Love it!!,

Wiley is the “God Father of Grime”
Talented rapper who along with others started the grime scene in the UK

Of late he’s become a bit erratic taking pot shots at other artists and now gone on a huge anti-Semitic rant, causing him to be dropped by his management company and possible police involvement.

Ray Park played Darth Maul in Episode 1/Solo, was Toad in X-men, the headless horsemen in Sleepy Hollow, Snake Eye ins GI Joe - basically, he’s like Andy Serkis, but for silent martial arts characters - and recently did the motion capture for the Clone Wars finale.
On the back of the reception to the CW finale, Disney announced on Friday that Maul was going to appear in some shows and moveies

Then on his IG video was posted of him having a good old time.
There’s been rumours it was revenge porn. His son has come out talking about abuse.

Basically 2020 just keeps on giving

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Fun fact.

Huey Lewis was asked to write a song for Ghostbusters, but was too busy.
Ray Parker Jr, then basically nicked a HLATN song and created the (Oscar winning) Ghostbusters theme. Law suit ensued.

Then HL made sure he wrote the song for BTTF, which Marty plays and HL is the judge who says “You’re just too damn loud”


Wow thanks for the explanation. I’m going to double down and confess to never having heard of Andy Serkis.

How long is my ban now? :laughing: