Worst band ever

Sorry folks.

Watching yet more old TOTP footage.

Always makes me cranky.

Tonight’s was 1989. Many many bad bands in 1989. Big Fun. Jason. Kylie. Bros. Half of the rave crap. Maybe more than half of the rave crap if I’m honest.

I hate…Texas.

Their biggest hit is a total dirge (“I don’t need a lover”) and I just do not understand how they’ve sustained a career for so long with so little. Other than a fucking good band name.

Anyway. That’s my humble opinion, yours may differ. Please vent.

What’s the band that really really winds you up?


Your honour, we present the following as evidence for the defence



Probably not a popular choice but I absolutely hate Abba.

I’ve no idea why they’re so loved. Every song. Absolute shite


But the good bits are Method Man

Tubthumping anyone?

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Used to go to gigs in the mid 80’s indie scene and there was this band that frequently turned up as support called the Blue Aeroplanes. They were terrible, and had this weird Polish dancer on stage.

Bands of that scene/era used to do 30-35 minute sets, sometimes no encore, sometimes just a song.

But the f£&king Blue Aeroplanes would go an hour or more, and if just one or two in the audience feigned a bit of enthusiasm at the end of their set they’d come roaring back for another 3/4 songs.

I hated them, felt like I couldn’t get away from them at times…


I quite like Texas, Halo is excellent.

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No I really hate that. I can’t help it. I just do.

I mostly agree.

But “the winner takes it all”, a song about them actually splitting up from each other, is imho just sublime. Gorgeous and so melancholic.

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I do like a song written about the band having issues which sells well. Jeff Lynne of ELO did something similar, not with anything like the success of Abba though. I’d guess Fleetwood Mac would have done the same at some stage with their line up relationships.

I’ll raise you.

The Beatles.

Can. Not. Stand. Them.

Awful whiney music.


Simon and Garfunkel and anything thereafter by Simon. Boring depressing warbling House of Fraser music.

One for each of four decades-ish:

Pink Floyd

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Beatles - agree, but the rest…?

Farrk, big call

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The Wombles?

Maybe massively over-rated would be fairer

Behind you 100% with these choices.

I would also throw in Rush for good measure.

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Red Hot Chilli peppers


That’s my childhood/teenhood man. That hurts! :disappointed_relieved:

Manic Street Preachers.