Wurf to Ineos

Did you see the GCN Tech show asking pros about socks :joy::rofl::+1:t3:

He’s replacing Kiri, one big engine for another. As a long distance triathlete his time trialling will be pretty good as well. Younger riders are generally not quite ready for this role. There are exceptions of course.

Jumbo-Visma took the TTT at the Tour last year with the addition of some big engines like Tony Martin. Looks like Ineos are countering this.

As to a Team Ineos triathlon team, why not? There’s already the Bahrain team and Sir Jim’s keen on the sport.

Don’t all World Tour pros have big engines :upside_down_face:

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They do, but you don’t see the sprinters or climbers working at the front for long periods😬

I can’t see him wanting to do a 3 week tour though, especially just for a TTT, or to be on the front for long periods every day.

Can’t see that he’d get much swimming or running in during one?


Skipper proved you don’t really need to run for an IM.
I mean, it helps, but he still came up with the goods on race day.

Also, Cam could swim over an hour and still catch everyone up, so…

Be interesting to see if they use him in any of the one day races.

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I think Skipper still got a good 2-3 month block of running in before Kona?

Agreed that Wurf could if he did the Giro or Tour, but there’d also be a lot of recovery.

All about his priorities really.

I’d expect the one day races if they’ve got any sprinters, and maybe the smaller tours.


He’s a triathlete, I can’t imagine he’ll stay upright in a normal road stage, let alone some early season one day race, and the Canadian ones will be too near Kona.

Huh? He’s an experienced grand tour rider?

Apparently he finished the race and then ran the 29k back to the hotel.

He’s clearly wanting to maximise his opportunities by using the might of the Ineos infrastructure to make the gains; cooks, doctors, soigners, nutritionists, free hotels, doctors, massage, sports scientists, doctors etc.

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Absolutely this.

All that stuff costs money. Plus he’s probably on a wage from Ineos, and then prize money to top things up. Easy. Doesn’t even have to go chasing sponsors himself (or his agent) as that comes with the team. Plus the obvious sporting benefits

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Agree, it’s a great deal for Wurf, just not sure what’s in it for Ineos.

ALL of the bants

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He certainly gets the prize for trying to be hilarious!

With socks :upside_down_face:

Cuz he’s an Ironman triathlete, and that’s cool innit!

More seriously, I wonder if they want to shift the brand away from being just a cycling team - especially a team with a little bit of a cloud in places - to something a bit broader, and Cam is very very social media literate, so a good channel to shift the associations

And triathlon is 100% clean innit


Triathlon is probably prime for domination by a team applying the level of resources, expertise and support that Ineos apply to cycling. Give Skipper the bikes, doctors, training camps, nutrition knowledge and financial security and that would be more than enough to close the gap to the fop. That’s without adding any special sauce.