Xmas time at work

Need something to pass the time on those long last days at work before Xmas?

Look no further …

You’re welcome

Bloody university workers :rofl:

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… let me know when you’re stuck!! :wink:

I’ve not even bothered to get changed out of shorts and tshirt today. I have no meetings! haha

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:boom: winning at life that GB :sunglasses:

Haha - i’ve worked my butt off for the past two weeks to get this strategy thing done. Presented to the CFO yesterday and all went well. Now the campus is like a ghost town and my last ‘big work’ is done for the year! :sunglasses:


We just work right through like nothing happened. :-1:

Our workhouse barely recognises Christmas at all, there’s a relatively small tree in reception, no decorations are allowed, no cards anywhere on or near desks, half of the office was told they couldn’t go to the Christmas drinks last Friday in case it affected workload delivery, it was only on from 3-5pm ffs. All-in-all the directors make scrooge (pre-visits) look like the most generous person out there

I’m working at Amazon at the moment. Will all you lot please stop buying stuff - it’s a frickin’ nightmare!
Who the f@kk needs 25kg sacks of cat food? Lawn mowers in Dec - really? We even had pallets of cement and shingle going through the other day. Why can’t you just go to a builders merchant? Now we have started doing domestic appliances, mattresses etc., plus all those 65" TVs.
‘Handle with care’, ‘FRAGILE’ stickers and tape on your parcels - ho ho ho ho ho!!!
On the plus side, the exercise is great - 9hrs of walking and humping and dumping 6 days a week gets you in peak fitness in no time.

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I work in a supermarket so 9 days straight in until Xmas eve then back in Boxing Day. Spoils Xmas working there with all the miserable shoppers.

I could tell you why I’m crazy busy right now but I’d rather keep my job. It’s nothing to do with retail, so let’s just say. ‘I’m busy’ :wink:

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I can’t wait for the purse strings to loosen as things are firmed up next month and I can get back to actual work.


I wouldn’t want to be in Retail this time of year…



I’m working at a company where 60% of the employees are contractors who are all mandated to take 20th Dec - 6th Jan off. Half of them went home on Wednesday saying it was the end of the week already.

We do this during downtime, if we aren’t revising for exams:



I’ll stick to trying to guess books or finding a ‘match the country to the flag’ quiz!!! :see_no_evil:

That’s a bit too intelligent for me!

edit ----- so i tried one of them. Nope. Last time i did this type of maffs was 2000 for my GCSE. I’ll do some basic spend analysis and the like, but i hated this sort of stuff!

To each their own @Poet !

i can do pie charts in excel. And pivot tables :see_no_evil::crazy_face::rofl:

2000 :rofl:, some of us were actually working then.

Hands up if you did O Levels and CSE’s :grimacing:, I was actually in the last year to do them.


Jeff was probably almost twice GB’s age in 2000.