Yes or No

A simple thread to ask one question about something that only needs a Yes or No answer.

I’ll start.

I was sent this cap unexpectedly. Should I keep and wear it?? Yes or No??

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No. Based on the fact it’s cotton, and no good for running. Otherwise a bright orange hat for running might have been been useful.

You really should ask @wheezy he likes to be engaged with the lives of other people on the Internet.



You could argue that there are 2 questions in there: keep? wear?

In which case I’d probably go with no and yes.

But if you are insisting on just one meta-question, then no.

That’s the long answer.

The short answer: no.


I wouldn’t use any cap for running that isn’t IM branded… :rofl:

I’m more concerned people would ask me to fix their combine harvester if I wear it


John Deere seems popular around these 'ere parts.

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I had no idea what the logo said or meant ?!

But ANYTHING is better than a sunburnt head, you must all have hair !


it says CLAAS - a very large German agricultural machine maker.

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That’s because they’re just play farmers where you live. You’d be shot in Somt for anything other than Massey Ferguson. (lights, brakes, cleaning up the crap they leave on the roads and paying tax on diesel optional :wink:)

Isn’t Somerset twinned with Armenia?

Not sure but Wincanton is twinned with somewhere from Discworld, which says a lot.

Wells is twinned with Bad Durkheim, do you know that place?

I have heard of it but never been. Bad means Spa town.


Nah, if you’re a big showy farmer you buy a Fendt. That’s the over priced cool brand in the farming world. Or if you care about performance then it’s Valtra (because they’re the same machine, but half the price without the badge!). So my bro tells me anyway having worked in the tractor industry his whole adult life pretty much.

Claas is very much in the mower and combine game! :rofl:

Oh and yes ROCK THAT HAT!

Captain pedantic lol… is it a meta-question? I’d have thought it was just a question. Is not
Meta - gawd, essentially self referencing I suppose … reflexive - a question about a question

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I had a mate in Sydney who was threatened with divorce by his wife if he answered just ‘yes’ to question of whether he wanted a tea of coffee one more time. :laughing:

He was Dr Who fan :wink:

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As it’s a bloody obscure brand choice I’d stick it on one of these new vintage fashion sites for £50. No, really. Depop!

And no to wearing it.

Haha fair

I kind of would want more info. Why was the cap sent unexpectedly?

Like, if it was intended for the tractor enthusiast at number 26 but was delivered to me in error, it would feel wrong to keep it. Even though I might wear it for a bit just because.

Once we got sent two “Welsh healing rocks”, a propos nothing. Weighed a ton. Sent them back but had to actually lug the things to DPD collection point.

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