YouTube Thread

Post your cool videos here.

I’ll start. As a lover of guns and haters of Apple products this is right up my boulevard.


Just a flesh wound.

I guess “But, why?” is a futile question in these matters;

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Was expecting complete destruction after that first shot

waits for @mw22 's video of that Zwift Keirin we did a couple of weeks back…


This is the guy in the Zwift vest you were talking about @FatPom


Those skis aren’t really helping with the recoil…or his accuracy. Get a modern 7.62 through that, with more velocity to suck more crap through with it.

That monitor is built like a tank!

What does the video say?

Consistent training?
Hitting key sessions?
Not getting injured?
Making sure there’s adequate rest and recovery?
Getting diet and nutrition right in the 13 weeks prior to the event?
Then running at 4:15/km for nearly three hours🥱

Not Huel then?

Pretty much.

Training for a sub 3 starts the day you do your first ‘proper’ run. That may be 7 years prior, but it’s that point onwards that you’re building your base. Thought that was a nice observation.

But yeah, pretty standard stuff. But fair play to him. He looks in much better shape, physically, than he did a few years ago, So it’s obviously working.


Just watched it.

Refreshingly plain and boring.
Brilliant :+1:t3:

No quick fix or stupid fashionable plans to get there.
Just 8 years of consistent training and hard work.
He’s now 50, too.
So that’s good going.


It’ll never catch on!


Yeah just hard work.

I was surprised he only ate a banana and a sugary drink at 30 odd km though

Weren’t people running sub-3 marathons on water in the 80s!

Who remembers Leppin Squeezy? First gels iirc. I took a couple in a 20m race over Bodmin Moor around 1996 iirc. Should have done a marathon that year, as I did that in 2:17 and it was a nails course.

The standard of running has massively declined since then.

It’s now a participation sport.
Not a competitive one.


Except at the top end, and especially 2020 in the absence of OOC testing; although that could be a coincidence.

Good video

Met this guy a few times on ultras - nice chap

@FatPom he has done a good film of SDW100