You've got the pussies, so let's see your mutts nuts

or no nuts as in the case of Troy…

Troyan’s (Troy) a German Wirehaired Pointer found abandoned in Bulgaria (town called Troyan hence his name) and taken into rescue over there for 4 months. He arrived with us just over a week ago for his permanent home. He’s thought to be about 2 years old (although we think he’s younger) and is pretty much untrained so we’re having to start from scratch with him - it’s bloody hard work but we’re seeing some progress. In the house, he’s fine; out of the house he’s a 'mare! hey ho - we’re in this for the long run. :scream:


this is Oska the Vizla at the summit of Snowdon at dawn.

We chose Vizla’s as they love to run. Regularly do my long slow runs with him up to 20 miles so far. We have walked the Ridgeway with him (86 miles over 4 days) and did the Yorkshire 3 Peaks last weekend with him.

Mad as a box of frogs but great with it.

No nuts as he has been “done”


Yeah my mate bought one, for that reason, last year some time. He’s nuts! But boy can he run!!!

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cracking photo! but sorry to be a pedant but isn’t it spelt Vizsla?

we considered getting a Wire Haired Vizsla but stuck with a GWP as we’ve had one previously and understand their stubborness and idiocy. they also have very high prey drives so watch out any small furry or feathered things!

most of the HPR (hunting, pointing, retrieving) breeds like the GWP and Vizsla can run for ages. Troy needs his stamina building up as he was a street dog, then a rescue, so he’s never had a great amount of hunting exercise since birth and we see this in his shoulder muscles which are underdeveloped giving him some bandiness when he runs. but he can still shift!

correct on the pedantry - always forget the “s” as always abbreviate him as a Viz

Oska does love to chase squirrels - thankfully never caught one yet

there is a guy round here who has a GSP that he “walks” on his mountain bike at full tilt - the GSP has no trouble being out with him for an hour at that speed. Seems to be a bit of thing with mountain bikes -

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Wow that dog is rapid

that is one rapid Vizsla!