1.85mm Cassette Spacer

Finally got round to getting another cassette for my other set of gravel wheels. Now realised I need the 1.85 spacer. I’m a little against paying almost £10 most places that have them for online for a small plastic ring. Does anyone have one spare they’d be willing to part with for some beer money?

Are you talking about the spacer you place in between your free hub and cassette?

Eg this?

I’ve definitely got one in a spares box at home I can post you. Not due to back at home until the middle of next week though if you’re desperate


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That plastic ring is the spacer between the sprockets isnt it?

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Yep spacer that sits between free hub and cassette. In my case needed when using an MTB cassette on a road free hub. It does need to be the 1.85mm thick variety however. If you have one that would be great, and no, not mega desperate time wise.

Thats the one. You do get different thickness’ however depending on application I believe.

This what you need? If so PM me your address and I’ll pop it in the post.


Thats perfect!! Thank you, PM sent.

Ooh. @GRamsay with the vernier. Very nice :clap:t2:

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Looks like @GRamsay has sorted you out…

That’s a precise-looking piece of kit! Nice.

I’m very confused about these spacers. If anyone can provide enlightenment, that would be great. I have a ‘do everything’ bike, which is running 1x11 SRAM Apex with an 11-42 cassette. I have two sets of wheels - 700c and 650B. I went to swap the wheels from 700 to 650 last week (which involves swapping the casette across 'cos I’m too tight to have two). I gave spacers no thought until I was done and found the indexing was out. “Funny, I thought, I don’t remember that happening before. Oh, crap, maybe there’s a spacer”. Sure enough there it was on the freehub I’d taken the cassette off. Haven’t got calipers but it’s thicker than 1 mm and thinner than 2 mm. So I took the casette off, put the spacer on, cassette back on, but the 11T barely went on and when I tentatively tried tightening the lockring I couldn’t get any compression on the cassette; it was all just wobbly. So I took the spacer off again, put the casette on, tightened it up and just adjusted the indexing. Seems okay.
So, I think the 700c must have a slightly longer road 11 speed freehub. And the 650B must have a slightly shorter MTB/old 8/9/10 speed freehub. Therefore because the 11-42 is a MTB-style cassette I need the spacer on the 700c but not on the 650B (and the indexing and low stop screw will need a little tweak as the alignment of the cassette is not quite the same).
Does that sound right?
Can you tell by looking (or measuring) what type of freehub they are?
In the unlikely event of spending money and getting a second cassette, is there any sneaky way to avoid having to adjust the derrailleur when swapping wheels, or would I need to change one of the freehubs so they were a match?

I’ve had this on 11 speed cassettes on an 11 speed hub.
Indexing is slightly out when swapping wheels.

I’ve no ideas why it happens, but it does :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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