10km a week after Ultra

I have the North Coast 50km on Saturday, which has a shed load of climbing. 8 days after, I’m running in the Newbury 10km (was the old Step Up Greenham Common 10km).

A guy at work wants to run a PB at 44.29, which wouldn’t normally be an issue for me. I said I’d help him but he doesn’t want pacing (so he says). I ran a 43.40 at Winchester in Feb but definitely have fatigue in my legs.

The 10km has pacers. What’s the plan here? Suicide mission with the 40 pacer and see how long i can hang on in a death or glory bid, or run with the 45 and see if I can cut loose at 6km in?

Let’s have it. :sunglasses:

Neither pacer given you’re not out for a specific time, run to how you feel after the ultra. Setting off with the 40 min sounds like suicide given 43 fresh

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I know, just figured I’d see the season out epic melt down styleeee :smile:


Haha. Agree with Chris. Just go out and see what happens. It may be your legs, it may be your engine that fails first. But who knows! You may just smash it!

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See how you feel, I did a 20:00 5k the week after my ultra and with a bad leg.

I’d maybe look to go through 5k in about 22-22:30 and take it from there.


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Go with the suicide mission and the 40 pacer. He who dares wins and all that :smiley:

Have I just wandered into Slowtwitch? :sweat_smile:

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If it was ST, I’d be asking about the aero drag on my shoe laces.

WWLD :wink:

Whatever Jan does, only worse.


He would certainly vlog about it.

challenge set @FatPom !!

hmmm, we’ll see.

We need to see or hear…


You can put a pic of me on the dartboard whilst you train if you like!? :rofl:

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Well, the rain was coming down horizontally and all I could muster was a 44.33. I did beat my younger mate though, so some office bragging rights in the morning :slight_smile:


Results are in. I came 31/380. the winning time was ‘only’ 35.30, so seems like a slow day all round.



Thanks. I was talking to a guy in the crowd that had a MdS tattoo on one calf and ‘100 Miler’ on the other.

I felt ‘inadequate’ :laughing: