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Any port in a storm.

Also got my Level 3 this morning. Clearly we’re bringing the status down in Jorgan eyes :joy:


Ah, but can you change thread titles?

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With great power comes great responsibility. It’s not about whether you ‘can’ change titles, it’s whether you ‘should’.



I can, have a little pencil next to the thread title. Feel like Thanos with all 6 infinity stones

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Can L3 members edit the title of other people’s threads? Obviously I can’t tell, as I can edit everything.

Sure can

Heresy. I’m surprised it allows that, all very trust based and touchy-feely! At least @Poet can correct poor grammar :upside_down_face:


But where is the private lounge? I’m still waiting for my GandT.


The lounge has opened for business.

Strongbow Dark Fruits at £2.35/pint today. From 11am until 4:30pm

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Do people drink that in public?

I often think it’s THE ONLY drink to be drank in public?

Straight out of the can

Drinking from the can is only acceptable if it’s no larger than 330ml.


Only if you’re 15.

I tend to vary, depending on how couth I’m feeling at the time.

440ml ?
Cloudwater? Marble Brewery?

Loads of the Manchester ones do 440ml cans.
Is that okay?

Last time I checked 440ml was more than 330.