2014 Bike - is it dead?

Has it left this mortal coil? Is it an ex-bike?

It has a weird new moaning sound at slow speeds.

Chainring bolt disappeared on the ride today ending with the small ring tearing apart and another bolt disappearing.

The rear brake caliper cannot be removed, needs to be drilled out since about five years ago.

The headset has creaked for years.


On the plus side, I replaced the front caliper a while back, and the cassette, seat and handlebars. I have a few Veloce spares.



There’s a dead parrot sketch in there somewhere…


no bike ever dies - think of Trigger’s broom


I’ve got a bike from 2009 and I rode it 40km in silence yesterday.

Cut inner tube stopping the pannier rattling.
Mudguards adjusted correctly. Araldite preventing any rattling on the metal/plastic junction.

Chain is some massively thick BMX one.

48 x 17 fixed.
Tektro basic brakes with some £2 pads, as I rarely used the brakes when riding fixed.
Square taper BB has never been changed.

Headset has never been changed and makes zero crunching sound and turns perfectly.

Not sure how old my ExocetII is, but I paid £400 for it and have recabled it and put a new headset and BB in. It’s silent and works perfectly.

Clean your bike, get on eBay and buy a new chainset (I bet you can get an FSA Omega 53/39 for like £15) then buy some lifeline cables and bar tape from wiggle.
Go to bearings direct and get a new headset.
Replace the bottom bracket.
Make sure it’s all clean.
Put some new tyres on.
True the wheels, or replace them with some RS11 (again, never more than £65 from eBay, as they come as stock on everything and people just want rid)

It’s about three hours work, max.
It’s all external cables, isn’t it?
Threaded BB Too?
So more like two hours.

Looking at £150 max and it’ll be as good as new.

To be fair, when it’s stripped down, you may as well take it to a local car garage and just ask them to spray it when then they next do a car - you will get a nice colour surprise :exploding_head::heart_eyes:



Could be a cracked frame?

From the sound of things it needs a full strip down. If you love the bike you could rejuvenate it with a new 105 groupo else perhaps it’s new bike day?

If you choose the latter then donate the bike. A charity will fix it up for someone needy. Reminds me I’ve a bag of bits to donate to Aberdeen Uni cycle charity, waiting since COVID…


That’s because its an unhappy stallion that wants to go fast. Send it



3hrs just reading that post. But you are right in that this is a can-I-be-arsed vs paying money how stingy am I, conversation.

It’s internal cables, pressfit power torque BB.

Colour is the only thing I like about it, and the fit.


Or get a new one :wink:


Like @gingerbongo said elsewhere - he hates all this stuff would rather pay someone and tend to his allotment instead. And that’s cool.

Me? I love it - a bit of “me” time tinkering with stuff, plus the joy of fixing something myself. It’s rage inducing sometimes though :joy::face_with_peeking_eye:


Pearson Touché fixie, right?

I had one of those. I absolutely loved it. For a couple of winters I went old school and did all of my long, hilly rides on my fixie - strong legs required for the ups and supple legs for the fast descents. I was very sad when the frame broke after about 10 years of hard riding.

When I replaced it I went for the steel framed Pearson Now You See Me and it’s just not the same. It doesn’t help that chainsets seem to have a life expectancy of about 12 months before I snap a crank :roll_eyes:

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Yup. Bloody lovely frame.
I really enjoy it - I’ve done 100km flat on it, a few hills, but nothing silly.

Same chainset for me :+1:t3::white_check_mark:

After I “quit” cycling and got rid of everything, it was the only bike I kept :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Gutted when my fixie died. I just couldn’t find one cheap enough and good enough to hack about on to replace it. I want steel as well , but geo and price went against me. Whatever happened to cheap Fuji Track Classics for instance , I found one on ebay for double what I paid new. I got mine for £275 in an Evans sale, bought a new chainring and cog and changed the bars to bullhorn type. Lasted a good 8 years with little more than a new chain/cog/ring once and tyres!

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I didn’t understand half of that but reckon it would take approx 1 week, not 2 hours.

And I’d still end up giving up and going to the bike mechanic


I used to enjoy it. Then you end up with half a dozen bikes that all need something done to them….

I’ve got the bike stand out, surveyed my spare parts box, surveyed my ‘spare’ bike. The list of things to do isn’t long, but the list of diy, gardening and training is longer.

I’ll probably buy the replacement ring and bolts at £45 will probably be the cheapest repair I’ll ever do. Bike parts are daftly pricy.


That’d be me…

but i keep the local bike shops in business…

and most of my bike are 12 - 15 years old, at least…


I thought I’d struck lucky with an LBS at the end of my street. Went in there with a question about a ten speed dérailleur…it was the first he’d heard of anything more than nine. I don’t know how I didn’t laugh.


Locally Bromley Bikes is good, not as good as Giant store was but good. Bought El Niño’s first pedal bike there as well


Several week waiting list last time I called, same for Panagua and another one. A new one opened in Orpington Cafe 96 of something.

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Always a good sign, but unhelpful. Panaqua know a couple of people not happy with them due to poor repair jobs