2018 Cervelo P3 52cm

Not sure what to ask for it yet, but will be selling my 2018 P3, which is immaculate, and will include (besides the stock wheels) a FFWD clincher disc, and deep front in bags. Its never been ridden in the wet, and cleaned pretty much every time after use… prob not done more than 400 miles in total. equipped with Ultegra 11spd groupset. Never been near a turbo!

If you’re interested, ping me a message, and i’ll have a think what is a fair price….sticking on here first to TT’ers before putting on for sale sites etc.


Be interested to know what you get for it as I have a similar bike and thinking of selling.

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Not sure why anyone would sell a P3 (apart from if not in use)…they are still pretty hard to beat…

'cos it’s yellow?

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It’s green.
But about 4-6cm too small for me :sob: